We are Platform Magazine – Nottingham Trent Student Union’s official magazine.  We are aiming to bring students everything they want to know and that they need to know. Factual, fun, fascinating. Your one stop for all things Trent. This year we are aiming to produce three print editions – a fresher’s edition, a winter edition and a summer edition. You will be able to find these in and around Trent, and we will be distributing them across all 3 campuses. In the meantime, why not check out our website for daily updates?

Editor-in-chief: Eve Smallman

Deputy editor/secretary: Malvika Padin

Head of marketing: Jack Austin

Social secretary: Patrycja Boryka

Head of design: Maria E.G. Pais

Travel and lifestyle editor:  Christopher Croot

Culture and entertainment editor: Harvey Clitheroe

Music editor: Rebekah Lumbard

Fashion editor: Pending by-election

Sports editor:  Pending by-election


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