Love Island week seven recap: Friend-zoning, confusion & new couples

Love Island 2019 has concluded – but let’s reminisce about the days leading up to the final week…

Monday, July 15

In this episode we, found out that it was down to the remaining islanders to save either Michael or Joanna, ending up with Joanna being sent home home from the villa. As she was saying her goodbyes, she asked Michael why he didn’t want to leave with her, to which he replied with: “I’ve found everything I’m looking for”.

Amber and Belle had a chat about both their current situations, with Belle suggesting that Anton kissing another girl was just an excuse to try and end things with her. Anton also confided in Curtis for some advice, who told him to let her calm down before speaking to her.

Maura decided to pull Curtis over as she wanted to know if he had made up his mind between her and Francesca. Curtis admitted that he wanted to get to know Maura a bit better, so she was his choice – later, he broke the news to Francesca.

Michael called Amber for a chat as she walked past the kitchen – on the bean bags, he finally admitted that he wanted to clear things up between them, as people had been speculating about their relationship. He told her that he was more interested in getting to know Joanna, and there were no feelings left for her. The conversation ended abruptly, leaving Amber with a confused expression as she walks back over to the girls to tell them what happened.

Tuesday, July 16

Amber and Ovie have a chat regarding the situation with her admitting that she should have spoken up for herself rather than letting him talk down to her. Maura and Amber also chipped in and agreed that it dragged on for too long. Amber finally stuck up for herself, telling Michael that it feels like every time he speaks to her, he’s no different. Michael didn’t know what to do other than to apologise, making things civil again.

Next, the islanders played a game where the boys were ‘dogs’, with the girls as their owners. To complete the challenge, the boys had to maneuver around obstacles and retrieve treats – Chris and Francesca won!

Tuesday’s episode also had India and Harley got to pick boys for dates – Harley chose Ovie and India chose Chris. Chris & India were discussing topics including their favourite dance moves, with Chris calling his the ‘Marmalade Crumpet’ before exchanging funny words in French and Spanish. Ovie & Harley were discussing why she picked him, and he asked her if she could be trouble – she said it depends on what mood you catch her in.

Wednesday, July 17

In a teaser at the end of the previous episode, Amber received a text about a new date. Amber didn’t seem very excited, but the girls made her realise that this is an opportunity to forget about Michael and start something new.

When Amber reaches the terrace, neither her nor her date Greg could work out how to open the sliding door, keeping them separated for a little bit. Once they prised it open, Greg pulled her seat out and they began talking – Amber says that he obviously knows a lot of stuff about her since watching the show, so starts by asking about him.

He revealed that he was Irish and plays rugby professionally, and picked Amber for a date because she deserved to be spoilt after the bad few days she’s had.

Harley and India arrived in the villa to meet the rest of the islanders, and Ovie soon realised how he had in common with India. Chris was quite upset about this, and told Jordan that he felt like every girl would friend-zone him almost immediately.

Before the end of the day, the trio of new islanders had to decide who they wanted to go on a breakfast date with – Harley chose Michael, India chose Ovie and Greg chose Maura. A few of the girls sat with Amber to reassure her that Greg is a good match.

Michael also speaks to a few of the boys and admits to still having feelings for Amber. He wonders if she can forgive him for his past actions and give him a second chance.

Chris tries to graft a bit more with India, asking silly questions such as whether she would prefer to brush her teeth with a squirrel or kiss a goat on the lips every day – great flirting method, Chris…!

Thursday, July 18

Michael and Amber admitted to still liking Amber, leaving her unsure whether to believe him or if he just sees competition in Greg. Amber confronts him on what he said at the party that he “found what he was looking for” and defends himself by saying that he never mentioned anyone’s name.

Anton returned back to the villa just in time for another challenge called ‘Men At Work’ in which the boys popped like a ‘jack in the box’, before removing items of clothing and taking a girl of their choice around another obstacle course, which involved them bringing out their inner Miley Cyrus and swinging on a wrecking ball. The girls had to judge the performance on how ‘sexy’ it was, and Ovie won!

Later on in the episode, Chris admits to India again that he in fact does fancy her, but knows that he’s got big competition with Ovie. After being ‘friendzoned’ by India, Chris decided to get to know Harley and it was obvious that they both enjoyed each other’s company.

Friday, July 19

The only question on people’s minds during this episode was: “Who’s Amber going to choose?” Michael chatted with Amber to see if she’d made up her mind about the next recoupling. She asked him if choosing Greg would make him upset to which he replied with “I can’t be upset with you if that is what you want to do.”

In the recouplings, it was down to the girls to choose, with India and Harley being given the first choices. In the end, the result of the recoupling was as follows:
India chose Ovie
Harley chose Chris
Belle chose Anton
Anna chose Jordan
Molly-Mae chose Tommy
Maura chose Curtis
…and after much contemplation, Amber chose Greg, leaving Michael with Francesca.

Greg went for another chat with Amber to discuss the evening’s difficult decision and was shocked that he was chosen. She reassured Greg and said that she wouldn’t have accepted Michael’s behaviour on the outside, so why should she accept it in the villa?

The last part of this episode tested how well the couples knew one another, including the boys’ middle names, how many partners islanders had slept with, biggest turn-ons and if the girls were to recouple with someone else, who they would choose. The winners of the ‘Couple Challenge’ were Tommy & Molly-Mae, making this the first challenge they won!

Just before the episode ended, Greg and Michael both spoke to Amber separately. Greg and Amber had a chat on the terrace speaking about how they wanted to get to know each other more, but Greg didn’t want to force anything on Amber and if she decides to go back to Michael, that’s her choice!

Michael then took Amber for a chat slightly later on and said that he personally didn’t think Amber and Greg were going to work – we weren’t sure if he was saying this out of jealousy and he sees Greg as strong competition or if he genuinely felt like he had a better connection with Amber.

Sunday, July 20

To start off this episode, we saw the continuation of the awkward chat between Michael and Amber. She was left speechless after Michael doubted her potential relationship with Greg, but was backed up by the rest of the girls who said that she’s better off pursuing something new and putting the Michael situation to bed.

Chris finally opened up about how he liked the “multiple sides” of Harley, expressing that he had feelings for her, before asking if she was “a spontaneous person” and kissed her on the lips.

Jordan gave Anna a tour of villa, reminding her of the memories that had experienced together over the previous few weeks, before sitting her down on the swing and asking her to be his girlfriend.

In other news, Curtis & Maura went on their first proper date together since being coupled up in the villa, and they ended up juicing oranges and having a nice relaxing conversation on a bench!

In the end, we found out that the public had been voting to save their favourite couples, with Chris & Harley, Michael & Francesca and Jordan & Anna landing in the bottom three. The islanders picked the favourites from these, leaving Michael & Francesca to be dumped from the villa.

Just before Michael left, apologised to Amber for all the confusion but hoped that when she came out of the villa, they could still be friends, and that he’s happy Amber has finally found someone. That’s all for week seven – keep your eyes peeled for the last Love Island recap, including the finale!

By Brandon Boyd

Feature Image courtesy of ITV

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