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NTU MA Documentary graduates showcase their films at Broadway Cinema

The Hockley venue hosted the series of short films directed by students from the NTU Documentary Journalism MA class of 2018

A full cinema of students, their families and industry professionals watched the two-hour completion of the various original works by the graduates.

Earlier that morning saw the post-graduate students’ graduation, before they showcased their portfolios in the early afternoon.

After they went up to the Mezzanine bar for celebratory drinks.

Course leader Lyn Champion and her student Nahla El Nemr

On the event, course leader Lyn Champion said: “It’s unbelievable the students put something brilliant together on their own like this.

“The screening was great, there was loads of people there.

“Many of our students were approached and asked to speak to the BBC.”

One such student, Nahla El Nemr, directed One Eye, which followed the story of Ahmed; a revolutionary who lost an eye due to “police brutality” during the 2011 Arab Spring.

She said: “This is a quick edit and a short version of the story, but I did the best using the material I had.

“I would like to finish it one day.”

New MA Documentary graduate Ashley Carter at the post-event drinks

Another post-graduate Ashley Carter directed both Ladies and Gentlemen: Flex Buffington and The Dreams of Running Bear.

He explained the process of making The Dreams of Running Bear, which tells the story of John “running bear” Jerzyszek, a British man who has pursued and lived a Native American way of life since 2004.

He said: “I have been working on this for 6 years after reading about him in a Daily Mail article.

“I wanted to get a more involved version of his story.”

“It took me two years to get in contact with him and two more years to build a relationship with him before we started work.”

On the event itself, Ash commented: “We wanted to entertain those who came to support us.

“We are all of different backgrounds and interests so it was nice that no two people or films were really the same.”

All the original short features by the graduates are available to view on CBJ Documentary Journalism website

By Adam Ridgley

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