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What Songs Remind Us of Freshers’ Week

Freshers’ week will undoubtedly be the most memorable week of your life. There will be so many happy memories to be made and there is usually a song that defines the whole experience. We spoke to some Trent students about what song defined their freshers’ week:

Bradley Fox, SU President: “The song that reminds me of my Freshers Week is Rather Be, Clean Bandit ft. Jess Glynne. This was a song in the charts at the time, and I remember it coming on during my journey to Nottingham. It ended being the song that my flat would always sing together, and we ended up going to see Clean Bandit live at Rock City at the end of the Freshers Week. The start of the song still reminds me of my first day at Nottingham Trent.”

Eve Smallman: “Freshers week was quite a difficult time for me, as before freshers I’d never gone out drinking, so I was thrown into something completely new. I hated most of the club music as it all sounded the same to me. However, September by Earth, Wind and Fire was always a lovely, cheesy pick me up whenever it came on, and made me power through the nights where I felt uncertain or felt grouchy because of the other songs!”

James Evans: One Dance is not in my usual Spotify playlist and Drake is not exactly my go to artist, but this reminds me of 2016 Freshers’ so much. The rhythm is likeable, and the tune creates an image in my mind of a fastmoving week, meeting new faces and arising every morning with an immoveable headache. A Summer anthem that became part of an engraved memory and a fantastic week.

Narzra Ahmed: “Gosh, my freshers’ was such a long time ago, it’s hard to even remember what was in the charts-never mind what I was listening to. Someone who has stood the test of time with his music is Drake. The rapper just started his music career in my freshers’ week (2010) and I spent a lot of time listening to his debut album, Thank Me Later. Songs like ‘Over’ and ‘Forever’ were motivational with their heavy beats. I know my flatmates came to know of him through me especially as I played his songs very loud a lot of the time!

Sandby Girls, aka. Emily, Harriet, Meg, Lauren, Amy, Georgia and Jess: We had gold wristbands to get us into all the clubs during freshers’ week so we all kept singing Gold by Spandeu Ballet, apart from Emily who had a silver wristband. Free from Desire – Will Grigg remix was also a big one.”

Looking for some more freshers bangers? Check out our playlist, put together by Nick Lowe:


By Becky Lumbard

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