Five underrated Youtube songs worth listening to on repeat

Youtube is by far the most well-known video-sharing website out there, containing millions of songs, from original songs to covers or remixes of countless artists.

But, as it happens on any platform, every single one of these musical acts falls into a category, sometimes being considered overrated, others completely overlooked by the public eye.

Here are five songs on Youtube that deserve a lot more recognition then they are getting and that will make you wonder how you’ve never heard of them before.

  1. Tom Grennan – Found What I’ve Been Looking For

London-based singer/songwriter Tom Grennan first entered the wider public with his collaboration on Chase & Status‘ track  “When It All Goes Wrong” in 2016 but still remained unknown even to this day. Despite his unique voice and incredible lyrics shown, one of his hidden gems is “Found What I’ve Been Looking For”.  Its wonderful lyrics and Tom’s powerful voice, amplified by the addicting beat provided by his band, will definitely make you sing along in no time.

2. LP – No Witness

Having written songs for singers like Cher, Rihanna, the Backstreet Boys and Christina Aguilera, and reaching 164 million views on Youtube for her song “Lost On You”, LP’s career should’ve been on the rise right now, having both her songwriting and singing abilities recognized by the whole world. Despite all this, her latest single, called “No Witness”, seems almost invisible compared to her other successes.  With lyrics like “When there’s no more sins to care about/And the hard rain dark times pour on down /When it’s all been said and done/No one can save me,” and her incredible voice, it’s worth checking out and obsessing over, I can assure you of that.

3. Boy Epic – Scars 

Inspired by the controversial movie “Suicide Squad”, the track delivers through expansive noir pop and dramatic visuals lyrics like “I’m the truth that you’re afraid of/I’m a fever that you made up/Just a martyr on a bridge that’s burning down, aiming to fuse the worlds of music and film and create a special kind of art. The style of the singer is something to be rarely seen and every single one of his music videos, often including lyrics and darker themes, are worth watching and admiring.

4. Aurora ­- Murder Song (5, 4, 3, 2, 1)

The Norwegian singer/songwriter and producer is another artist worth mentioning on this list. With simple music videos, plain clothing, dramatic acting and her singular, soul-touching voice, she manages to deliver an entire story in a few minutes. This song, especially, holds an incredible amount of emotion and has an extremely dark edge, appearing because of this in TV shows such as Teen Wolf, The Flash and in the film Detour.

5. Nothing But Thieves – Honey Whisky

The English alternative rock band, formed in 2012, is often compared to bands like The Neighbourhood, but. Surprisingly, the song never seemed to get the same popularity. While the other seemed to rule vine with songs like “Afraid” or “Wires”, Nothing But Thieves was almost absent, which is a pity. Their chill vibe, present in “Honey Whisky” as well, is wonderful to work on, relaxing you completely. Listen to it, pay attention to the lyrics, and sing along!

By Alexandra Tocilescu


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