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Glass Mountain – “Wow and Flutter” EP review

The psychedelic Bradford quartet capture a dreamy rock sound with heartfelt, honest lyricism.

Unfeigned, honest and tranquil are words that spring to mind when listening to “Wow and Flutter”. A beautiful, dream pop four track EP from the Northern four-piece.

Glass Mountain (taking their name from a piece of artwork by David Hockney) draw their influences from hip-hop to electronica, with marrying the sound of The Cure and Sigur Ros. Their personal lyrics, tear soaked laments illustrate coping with life in a often confusing world.

Opening with “Gin Flows Through My Veins”, the 5 min 36 seconds track demonstrates an executed sound, with a clear 80s form, homogeneous to The Cure. You can hear the sorrow, and the hatred in the beautiful vocals  from frontman,  Harry Hanson.

Video: Ghosts

New single, “Ghosts” taken from the EP has a more indie-rock vibe. A bold guitar riff which juxtaposes Hanson’s soft vocals works pleasantly. Again, a personal nature to it, listeners can understand that the band have something they want to get off their chests.

This EP is very refreshing. It gives “indie-pop” a new lease of life that many people would probably relate too more than other indie bands.

Glass Mountain is most-certainly a band will be looking forward to hearing of again in 2018.

You can listen to the Wow & Flutter EP here.

Glass Mountain are playing Nottingham Rough Trade on February 16th.

By Becky Lumbard

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