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Interview: Nina Nesbitt

Scottish singer-songwriter Nina Nesbitt has certainly changed her style since her first record ‘ Peroxide’. Now she is back with a new sound, so we spoke to her about the new album and her upcoming tour…

1. Over the past few years, you’ve had a shift in your musical and personal style. Was it a conscious decision to make that change, or did it just feel like a natural progression? 
I wrote my first album when I was 17-18 years old and the recent album between 21-22 so I think it’s just a natural maturity and progression. Moving to London definitely opened my ears up to a lot of different genres and collaborators. I really only had access to an acoustic guitar in the beginning so I started out quite folky but I’ve always been interested in all types of music and have now had the chance to explore that.

2. Was there a moment that you decided to go in this direction?
Pretty much as my first album came out in 2014 I knew I wanted to move direction. It took a long time to find my sound after that and I did a lot of experimenting. I think it’s just trial and error and you eventually find something you love. 

3. The new album is very raw and open and honest. Was there ever a point that you hesitated about releasing any of the songs?
No, not at all. I think I’d hesitate more about releasing something that wasn’t honest. I admire the artists that make albums that really give you an idea of who they are and where they’re from. It’s something I set out to achieve with my own.

4. What’s your favourite song you’ve ever written for someone else and why?
I originally wrote ‘is it really me you’re missing?’ for another artist and it was never intended for me. A few different people vocalled the song but eventually, I just couldn’t give it away and decided to keep it on my album. My favourite writing cut is probably ‘other people’s things’ with The Shires. It was one of my first cuts and is a completely different genre from what I’d usually write.

5. If you had one chance to sing one lyric of yours to every teenage girl in the world, which line would it be?
The sun will come up, the seasons will change (catch that promo!). It’s a motto I take around with me to remind me that life is always changing and if I’m going through a tough time I know it’s not permanent, which is sometimes hard to remember.

6. You’ve had some really beautiful visuals in the music videos for this album. What’s been your favourite video to film and why?  
Thanks! Probably the ‘Colder’ video because we shot that video the same day we shot the album artwork. I think it brings the artwork to life and exists within the same world. It was shot in Palm Springs, California which was such a beautiful place and I’ll never forget visiting there.

7. What can we expect from the upcoming tour?
I’m soooo excited for this tour. It’s all sold out which I’m so grateful for. I’ve been touring for seven years now and it’s amazing to have such a dedicated loving following. I’ll be playing the album and putting a bit of a twist on some of the songs. There’ll also be some stories thrown in there.

You can stream ‘The sun will come up, the seasons will change’ on Spotify.

By Katie Ansell

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