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Kollider at The Bodega: Review

An upcoming four-piece band made up of students Lewis Hill, Aiden Foley, Joe Hinton and Harry Roberts, Kollider have been on the Nottingham music scene for over a year.

Playing at numerous gigs and even the Hockley Hustle, they have clearly already made a big impression on bands from across the country.

Supporting London/Belfast band Rews at The Bodega, they energised the crowd with their soaring vocals and a fresh take on rock.

‘Watcher’, one of their singles, had a really catchy riff and the band clearly enjoyed playing it, as it was one of their first original songs. Their whole set was tight and well-rehearsed, showing their ease playing for a big crowd and their dedication to playing perfectly.

When I tried to take photos of them, most of them ended up blurry as the band were constantly headbanging and jamming out on stage, which showed how much they were enjoying themselves.

Part of the way through the set, they encouraged everyone to grab a sticker from the merchandise stand. At the end of the set they had all gone and bags and jackets were plastered with Kollider.

That either showed people really loved stickers or really loved Kollider – I am going to go with the latter, as from the quietly tapping feet to the people full-on rocking out, it was clear they went down really well.

With so many bands trying to crack the Nottingham market, it was really refreshing to hear a proper rock band play, igniting The Bodega with excitement and being a great example of high-quality bands coming from Trent.

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By Eve Smallman

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