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Live Review: Miles Kane gives Rock City an energetic show to remember

The Last Shadow Puppets’ Miles Kane put all his energy into his performance at Rock City on Friday night, in his first performance at the famous venue in five years.

The show was punchy and immediate, shifting into a harder, livelier sound the longer it went on.

Kane seemed to be thriving off the energy he was feeding into the audience, fuelled by the constant chanting of his name in between songs.

He clearly adored every second of his return to a venue where he fills the room as the centre of attention.

Whilst he sticks to his trademark of not often interacting with the crowd, his musical abilities make up for the lack of interaction.

Two things nobody will ever slate Kane for is his insane guitar abilities and his showmanship, both of which were on display at Rock City and gave the crowd an excellent live experience.

One standout performance of the show was the album’s title track ‘Coup De Grace’, with its funky bassline and infectious hook ensuring everyone was dancing and singing along.

His rendition of Donna Summer’s smash hit ‘Hot Stuff’ was also a treat, after pressure online for a repeat performance of the cover he played at several festivals this summer.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or not, if you want to see a show that will undoubtedly be astounding, Kane’s ‘Coup De Grace’ tour is more than worth buying a ticket for.

You can listen to ‘Coup De Grace’ on Spotify.

By Zach Harrison and Katie Ansell

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