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Review: Hozier ‘Wasteland Baby’

To say this is only the second full-length album Hozier (Andrew Hozier) has released, it did not disappoint and was well worth the time waiting for…

Hozier brings it back to basics with a haunting voice which could fill an empty room and allure you into the unknown willingly.

Although songs differ harmonically i.e. ‘Dinner and Diatribes‘ and ‘Shrike’, they are all drenched in the identity that is Hozier’s go to sound.

Movement is the big vocal stand out for me with a deep low vocal performance reminiscent of his former hits such as ‘Take Me To Church’.

It’s slow but still energetic and engaging with the kind of vocals that feel like they’re drawing you into something you know you shouldn’t be entering but can’t help yourself yet also somehow with a dance edge to it offering something different to his usual sound. It has strong lyrical writing that gets in your head while exploring many themes of love and heartbreak throughout the tracks.

There’s a lot to absorb in 14 singles but with the amount of variety provided in the tone of these tracks, there’s no need to worry about getting bored. And of course, all of these things are just highlights that sit on top of the pillar of the album which is of Hozier’s voice itself which is something worth listening for.

You can listen to ‘Wasteland Baby’ here

By Chloe Sharp

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