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Hockey varsity under threat from icy weather

There are concerns of the winter weather making conditions unplayable for NTU’s field hockey varsity teams.

Both the men’s and women’s hockey sides are due to face teams from the University of Nottingham at the Nottingham Hockey Centre on the January 31.

The latest projections from the Met Office, the UK’s national weather service, predict that temperatures could reach freezing point throughout the week.

Including Thursday evening when both men and women’s hockey varsity matches are due to take place.

A yellow warning for snow and ice in Nottingham has been issued by the Met Office until midday on Friday as the UK braces itself for another cold spell, putting the games at risk of postponement.

The Met Office predicts that Thursday will be the coldest day of the week with a high of two degrees predicted. Snow is also expected in the evening when the fixtures are due to take place.

A pitch inspection will take place on Wednesday afternoon, a day in advance of the fixtures, in order to determine whether the games can go ahead. Additional inspections may take place on the day in case of worsening weather conditions.

Varsity events coordinator, Holly Roberts, said: “We aren’t prepared to cancel it until the actual day as the weather can change and we don’t know how heavy the snow actually is.”

By Christian Riley

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