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Introducing your VP Activities election candidates

Candidates for the Nottingham Trent Student Union elections were announced today, with manifestos being released to all Trent students.

There are five candidates for Vice President Activities, including the current VP Activities Jack Purdie. They are the figurehead for all student societies, so it’s important to make sure you vote for the person who will work towards a society system that you want. We’ve compiled all the manifestos to make sure you can make an educated decision for your next academic year.

Shellie Warner

Shellie is running for VP activities for the first time. Should she be elected, her main aims would be to:

  • Encourage and help facilitate inter-society events to develop and grow societies by displaying their opportunities to other member groups.
  • Accommodate an internally based ‘freshers fair’ at the start of term two, to provide a second wave of membership for societies, developing their opportunities further.
  • Organise events for RAG continuously as well as the standard ‘RAG week’ to benefit different charities and raise more money,
  • Continue working collaboratively with the Entertainments team to progress current events and create new student-led events which appeal to everyone.
  • Encourage student-led communities as well as societies and work with the students to create them.

Georgia Pinfold

Georgia is running for VP activities for the first time. She is currently the President of Cheerleading. Should she be elected, her main aims would be:

  • Increase more support for societies by dedicating a drop-in session for feedback on a weekly basis
  • Create a Presidents Chat to interact with other societies more frequently.
  • Launch an online system to ratify societies instead of during society assemblies.
  • Initiate a committee directory on the SU website which contains information of how to contact each society member.
  • Make the students’ union more accessible by giving societies and students more input to entertainment events.
  • Introduce a new group social media account for all societies to post events and opportunities.
  • Create a society of the week incentive to give money back into a society.
  • Increase interaction for Global Week with cultural and faith societies as well as a year-long RAG approach alongside the specified week.

Jack Purdie

Jack is the current VP activities and is running to be re-elected for another year. Should he be re-elected, his main aims would be:

  • To roll out the accreditation scheme for societies, to guage engagement and be able to reward societies for their good work throughout the year.
  • Deciphering a way to make queues at LDOT and all Student Union events quicker
  • Work alongside VP Sport and the Entertainments team to make sure that Ocean tickets are distributed fairly between societies and sports teams
  • Hold termly RAG events tri-campus
  • Make the society assemblies a termly event, making them more efficient by creating an online process to make voting in a new society quicker.
  • Small group meetings with society presidents, to get closer feedback to try and allow societies to grow and prosper.
  • Collaborate with Entertainments team and create a new promotional team, as further promotion is needed for all events
  • Start ‘society of the week’

Jonathan Parkinson-Swift

Jonathan is running for VP Activities for the first time. Should he be elected, his main aims in the role would be:

  • Give societies a platform to promote themselves and upcoming events
  • Make Give it a Go week a larger, more publicised event
  • Make Raising and Giving week more society based; and help support societies to create events that will appeal to more during these weeks.
  • Create guides to easily navigate the systems as well as improving training and support for committees and fresh, new clubs.
  • Make the role more approachable and engaging with Societies throughout the campuses and improve communication.

Voting opens for all elections roles on Friday 22 March at 5 pm.

By Katie Ansell

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