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NTU Burlesque bring glitter, freedom and nipple tassels to Pryzm

Nottingham Trent’s Burlesque society put on a spectacular show last weekend at Pryzm Nightclub; a night filled with fun, femininity and furious sexiness.

The show on March 2, ThisBurlCan, was in celebration of Women’s History Month, with the show demonstrating a range of different, beautiful women, enjoying something they have a passion for – burlesque.

Having never been to a burlesque show, I didn’t know what to expect. Would it be raunchy, would everyone be stark naked? The answer to both was no. The whole performance was far from raunchy, it was incredibly refreshing, with different body types, hair styles, skin colours, representing so many diverse women.

I have no problem with nudity and as a feminist myself I believe women should feel comfortable in their bodies and wear and do whatever they like with them. The girls did not get completely naked; however, one would have to admit that the lingerie and nipple stickers they wore were stylish and tasteful.

I went to the show as a photographer for the society, and I was honoured to have been a part of the show. Being so close to the performance made me realise how much respect I have for women like them. Girls who love themselves and respect themselves and simply do what they enjoy.

The whole performance consisted of astounding group performances to songs by iconic women such as Britney Spears to solo performances that were beautiful and erotic in their own ways.

There were six solo performances, performed by Sophie Franklinos, Amber Sargent, Bec Quince, Alex Dakovic, Cara McNaughton and Hannah McDonald. Each of the girls performed with their own elegance and flair, and really showcased their talents in front of a welcoming audience.

Something I really loved about the show was the evident passion these girls had for burlesque; there were no half-hearted performances, no girls without a smile on their faces. It was an honest and raw performance of women being in control of their own bodies, in a strong and powerful way.

Overall, I would definitely recommend seeing a burlesque show, especially a Nottingham Trent burlesque show, which normally happens a few times in the academic year. If you’re looking for a ‘feel good’ night out with friends, partners or even by yourself, then the NTU Burlesque Show is for you.

By Jasmin Bodman

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