NTU Motorsport Society take on the Teamsport track once again

The Motorsport society returned to Teamsport Karting last week for another session of go-karting.

16 members of the society took part in a time trial event to see who could set the fastest time.

The session was split into two, 15-minute sessions where all members went out to see how fast they could go.

BUKC Captain Henry Jackson set the fastest lap of the first session with a time of 36.312 seconds.

After a short break, the group returned to the track to see if they could beat their previous lap times.

Tom Bosford, 19, Gill Street South

Session two saw several on-track accidents as drivers pushed hard to improve.

On this occasion, Fraser Glasby claimed the top spot with a time of 35.763 seconds.

During the event, Tom Bosford, 19, from Gill Street South, said: “I’m very much enjoying it.

“The tracks a bit slipperier than last time, however,it’ss not affected it too much.

“Times are a bit slower, but I’m still having a good time.”

Alex Mace, 18, also of Gill Street South added: “I’d absolutely recommend it to anyone interested in karting or anyone who just wants to give it a go”.

After the event, society President Josh Barkby said the next event will be held next term and is open to anyone,

By Sam Phillips

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