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Theresa May keeps her place as leader of the Conservatives

The Prime Minister has survived a vote of no confidence against her by 200 to 117, defying Brexiteers such as David Davis and Jacob Reece-Mogg.

Senior Conservative backbencher Sir Graham Brady announced she had won a vote of no confidence against her.

The vote was triggered as staunch Brexiteers such as Jacob Reece-Mogg and Boris Johnson openly displayed their dismay at her handling of Brexit.

The win means that May is immune to another leadership challenge for another year.

This also means that May will be leading the UK out of the EU when article 50 is triggered on March 29th.

Hours before the vote, May promised Tory MPs that she will stand down as leader before the next general election in 2022.

But May is adamant to deliver on her version of Brexit, which she describes as the “only option for leaving the EU in an orderly way”.

The former home secretary still faces a major challenge to get her Brexit proposal through parliament, with all other parties threatening to vote it down in the commons.

The Irish backstop issue, which has dominated the Brexit process also remains a huge issue for May’s Brexit proposal.

But, for the time being at least, May has regained some power, and shown that she still has the support within her party.

Next on Mays agenda is a summit in Brussels on Thursday, where she will try to persuade EU leaders to change their stance on her deal, which they have said cannot be renegotiated.

By Tiernan Phipps

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