3 tips for not drinking at Uni

You may be off to uni and thinking well I don’t drink or don’t fancy the lifestyle usually associated with freshers and the stereotypes. Maybe you are not as socially outgoing or don’t want to succumb to the peer pressures of downing the cup left to the unlucky person in the game, ring of fire. These tips will help you get equipped with having your own fun without alcohol and like-minded people in different ways.

  1. Be upfront

Tell your flatmates and friends, straight away that you do not plan to drink, this means avoiding going to the shops and buying alcohol for pre-drinks. You will then not feel obliged to say yes when you are asked if you would like a drink or if you are going out tonight. People will generally have more respect for you and your wishes if you are honest in the first place rather than having to awkwardly tell them further down the line. Again, you don’t have to tell them why you do not drink if there is a reason, it is all about not feeling pressured and feeling comfortable in the environment you are in.

2. Ntu’s non drinking events

Every freshers there seem to be more events that cater to people who want to do alternative activities. This is especially great for mature students and international students whose religions means they cannot drink. These events can include movie nights, game nights and sports activities, through NTU you can do play for fun sessions which cost £2 a go if you do not have a membership. Through this, I have made very good friends and also learned to play better at Badminton!

3. Join a society

This is probably the hardest choice to make as there are so many options that you can pick. However, by joining a society you are putting yourself out there and doing something that interests you whether that is joining one of the sports teams right through to the debating society, there is something for everyone. Usually, these societies will provide non-drinking socials, just like Platform, who have a coffee morning every week. Being teetotal throughout student life and especially freshers isn’t as hard as it seems, as long as you have the courage and will to tell people that you don’t want to drink, everything will be fine. University is a learning and it would be boring if we were all the same.

By Abi Trunk

Feature image courtesy of NTSU

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