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4 Game of Thrones locations that you can travel to

With eight series to date, there is no doubt that the many locations shown on Game of Thrones are something to be appreciated…

These spectacular real-life locations have started to attract die-hard fans willing to pay for the pleasure of visiting the set where it comes alive.

The show is based off a collection of books which is an American fantasy drama and includes scenes of horrific death, war and violent gory scenes. The landscapes range from the exotic scenery of Croatia to the ice cold mountains used by the white walkers and include over 40 locations.

As the series draws to a close, we will no doubt see new scenery in the build up to the fight between the white walkers and the humans. Here are just a few of the beautiful sets that you can visit:

Dubrovnik, Croatia

platform magazine game of thrones
Photo credit: Arnie Papp

Used from series 2 onwards, this is the location of Kings Landing where you can see the red keep and the house of the undying. It’s featured throughout the series, and you can either book a guided tour or follow your own personal route of preference. Dubrovnik’s old city is quite literally a maze of narrow limestone lanes and old stone houses and as you can imagine it is very picturesque. It might be most well known in season 5 where Cersei Lannister was forced to cut her hair and walk through the city as a form of punishment and public shaming. It is fairly reasonable for flights and accommodation to Croatia with the tour prices around 55.00 euro per person and can last for up to 2.5 hours.


platform magazine game of thrones
Photo credit: Slate Magazine

Iceland is the main focus for the White Walkers and what is beyond the north of the wall. Grjotagja Cave has become renowned as the sex scene where Jon Snow and Ygritte first developed their whirlwind romance. However, the natural wonder is not all that it seems due to the fact that the hot spring that people use to bathe in has become too hot because of a volcano eruption nearby that caused the temperature to rise. Don’t worry – that does not mean you cannot still visit the beauty.  There are a number of locations around Iceland, which include glaciers, waterfalls and black sand beaches.P

Girona, Spain

Photo credit: Game of Thrones/HBO

Season 6 sees a blind Arya Stark begging on the streets, which is where Braavos is situated in the series. Girona is rich in culture and a history dating back to before the Romans. Nevertheless, the old town is situated on the hill along the Eastern Shore. It may not be immediately recognisable, but it was the setting of many scenes with Arya fleeing from the waif. There are the Arab Baths that also appear briefly in episode 8 when Arya tries to evade the waif through the baths. Even though they are called the Arab baths, they are in fact 12th century Romanesque and include many different rooms within. With cathedrals and monasteries and you could easily spend a day wandering around looking at the attractions. Photo cred: game of thrones Spain


platform magazine game of thrones
Photo credit: Two peas in a plane

Morocco seems to have flown under the radar, even though many scenes have been filmed across the country over, which is no surprise it made the list due to its ancient towns and history. The picture shows the ancient town of Ait Ben Haddou, which doubles as Yunkai. This is one of the cities in Slavers Bay, that Daenerys lays siege to in season three. Ait Ben Haddou is not only where Game of Thrones has been set but, as well the village, is a UNESCO world heritage site due to the fact that it was once a key stop along an ancient Sahara Trade Route. Traders would rest here on their way to Timbuktu or Western Sahara.

At all of these locations there are now tours that you can pay to go on or visit yourself. Not only has this brought in more tourists and money into the countries listed, it enriches tourists in the history and education of these locations and how important they are to our civilisation and why they should be preserved. There are many more locations including Northern Island and Malta.

Game Of Thrones is drawing to a close and it is questionable who we will see take the Iron Throne. Will Queen Cersei take the throne or will the dragon Queen Daenerys Targaryen?

By Abi Trünk

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