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A Handy Guide to Time and Money-Saving Student Apps

With technology quite literally being at our very fingertips every day, why should our devices be negatively stigmatised when it comes to studying, exam time and all those *mundane* tasks we, as students must carry out?

From beating procrastination to savvy saving on the weekly food shop, whatever your student related worry is, we’re sure this pick of apps will have you covered!

Imagine how much more effective we would all be if apps like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter disappeared during crucial deadline and examination periods.

If you struggle with self-discipline or are (like me) easily distracted, then the app, StudyBreak might just be your saviour! I describe it as the app version of the inner voice telling you to revise when you’re 3 hours deep into the Youtube oblivion.

By doing what it says on the tin, this app disciplines you by cutting out distractions, setting timers ensuring you reach the perfect equilibrium of work and play.

The timer app also cleverly analyses how efficient your study time is. So, beware, the app is watching… 

If you find yourself searching for hours on end for the perfect album to study to, well why not download Studytracks and forgo Ed Sheeran for individually curated jingles of your very own notes!

This ingenious app is award-winning and no wonder, as it had me rapping to Shakespeare’s King Lear which proved invaluable when I took my A-level English exam in May.

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There is no doubt that some of us may be house or flat sharing with friends. A seemingly fun concept, however, the stress of keeping on top of organising bills, creating weekly shopping lists and sharing household chores can sometimes cause disagreements.

This is where I suggest that any future housemates should download the app Cluttr, which serves as a social platform for you and your housemates!

The multitasking app manages personal finances, bills and features a chore organiser and a virtual house pinboard. Phew! May this app by your saviour… perhaps even the peacemaker!

As students, we are notorious for falling into bad habits of getting zero sleep and little exercise. As I am beginning to experience, the Thursday 9 am’s and Ocean Wednesdays combo can slowly start to creep up on us if we aren’t careful and can be very damaging to our bodies normal daily functioning.

Or perhaps you are just genuinely interested in tracking your sleep and how to sleep better. My personal favourite, “Sleep Time” app is a clever sleep tracker analysing sleep cycles. In conjunction with its very own soothing music library in-app feature, getting good quality sleep has never been so easy!

Last but by no means least, an app I am testing out now with the killer tagline: “Technology tamed.” The productivity app, “Hold” has been featured by the likes of Forbes, BBC and Independent and no wonder, the reward-based system app offers incentives for UK University students to not go on their phones.

Hold your horses… yes, for every twenty minutes of mindless social media scrolling avoided, the app rewards ten points which can unlock coupons such as cheaper cinema tickets. Pass me the popcorn, please…

Happy downloading people!

By Chloe Keys

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