Could we be losing the festive value of Christmas?

There’s no doubt that the holiday is a truly magical time of year. Something about dusting down the decorations from the attic and stringing up the fairy lights really brings about the jolly spirit.

But with a seemingly earlier start for the season each year, the Christmas sparkle may not seem quite as special as it once did.

It goes without saying that there is no harm in being prepared and getting into the Christmas spirit early, it’s the best time of year.

Typically, a Brit’s Christmas consists of sitting back, relaxing and enjoying a mince pie!

However, many retail stores are now officially notifying us of the start of the season by putting on the Christmas hits in early November.

The added emphasis put upon the holiday can make it seem that in order to enjoy Christmas we need to be putting more effort into gift giving.

Understandably, for people on a budget, it adds an element of underlying pressure. 

This can be relatable for students especially who, in many cases, struggle to buy the necessities on a weekly basis (let alone buying Christmas presents months in advance).

Walking through a store and hearing the all too familiar ‘All I want for Christmas is you’ hit whilst trying to figure out what Halloween costume to buy, will sound the alarm bells! 

Naturally over the years, Christmas has become more commercial. November is now (whether we like it or not) the designated Christmas ‘prep season’ for brands such as Primark, Morrisons and M&S.

Each year the festivities kick off with a slew of Christmas adverts, ready to make us laugh, cry and spend our hard-earned cash on items we’re not sure if we even want… but admittedly, John Lewis’ fuzzy penguins and heartfelt messages can draw us in and make us fall in love. 

Aside from this, it raises the question as to whether Christmas is becoming too commercialised; is our focus shifting over to a more materialistic holiday?

Undoubtedly, the jolly season wouldn’t be complete without a Christmas market to explore. Opened on the 15th of November, Nottingham’s own Winter Wonderland is a beautifully put together assortment of stalls which is a perfect evening out for the whole family.

Nothing says Christmas more than spending time with your loved ones and enjoying the festive treats. 

But we’re so eager to start the Christmas season that by the time December comes around, we’ve already celebrated half of it in November!

The Christmas market is without a doubt a wonderful experience and for some it may be questionable as to why it shouldn’t be open earlier, as it means there’s more time for it to be enjoyed.

But arguably, early celebrations may prolong the festive period, making it seem less special.

Could it be deemed suitable that perhaps the market should coincide with the advent, as this signifies the true countdown of Christmas?

In essence, Christmas is special because it’s short. It’s the perfect way to spend quality time with friends and family.

But, the celebration of Christmas so early has the potential to dampen the excitement once the holidays eventually come around; are we at risk from losing some of that all-important festive magic?

By Corrine McGraw

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