How one Trent student turns passion into a business

Running a business while studying at Uni and also trying to have a social life may sound like an impossible dream to most students but one Trent student is beating the odds.

Business student, Milly Carling, originally from London, decided to stop hunting for part time jobs that didn’t suit her timetable and make the move to cash in on the eyelash craze and start up a new endeavour, Lashes by Milly.

We spoke to Milly about how she set up her business, how she balances Uni and the beauty world and if she has any tips for other students thinking about setting up their own business.

Q. What made you first decide to create your own business?
A. I wanted a part time job as a student, but I was finding that jobs in Nottingham weren’t as flexible and I wanted to be able to go home during term breaks.

Q. What inspired you to choose to become an eyelash technician?
A. I always get my eyelashes done, home and Uni and so I already felt passionate about all things beauty. As I’m doing a business degree, I combined my passion for beauty and the degree together.

Q. How did you set up the business?
A. I trained as a technician when I went back home to London, I got my insurance and certification and then set up my Instagram page and it just took off from there!

Q. How do you juggle University and your business?
A. My job allows me to be flexible so I can fit clients in around my Uni timetable.

Q. Does your business help you on your course?
A. I’d say my business degree is mainly theory based with particular modules but I can always understand aspects from a business and consumer point of view now because I have experience in both.

Q. How has setting up this business helped you as a student?
A. The flexibility is the best part of my business. I’m still a student, have a social life and go to Uni but I can also fit clients around lectures and my earnings supports me financially while I’m at Uni.

Q. Will you be setting up any other businesses or expanding your business further?
A. I am so happy with the support that I have received in the first year of operating so I’ve decided to expand the services in the business by offering different styles of lashes (hybrids and Russians). This has
been highly requested by clients so I’m really happy to be able to offer this now.

Q. Have you experienced any hurdles?
A. I think the hardest part of any business is building a client base but because I’m at University and am a student myself, people hear about me through word of mouth.

Q. Will you continue this after University?
A. I will always do eyelash extensions. Whether that will be just for my friends and family or operating as a business, I will have to see what opportunities arise after graduating to see if I want to continue being

Q. Have you got any tips for other students looking to set up their own business?
A. My number one tip to anyone else is consistency. You need to be 100% committed, be prepared for some setbacks as you will need time, money and patience to build a business from scratch.

By Katie Sharman

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