MA Creative Writing students launch new ‘Connections’ anthology

The 2020 cohort of the MA Creative Writing course at Nottingham Trent University (NTU) have announced the launch of this year’s anthology – Connections.

The anthology will feature works from students, along with lecturers David Belbin and Rory Waterman, and guest lecturer Dr Joanne Dixon.

Whilst the group of writers never expected to be writing and publishing their anthology during an international pandemic, staying connected with loved ones is largely what inspired the theme of the anthology.

Writers have taken the need to stay connected during the pandemic and used it as their influence, although some writers chose to steer clear of this topic altogether.

Connections is therefore both a comment on our current lives and provides escapism from it.”

Panya Banjoko, writer, storyteller and performance poet, says: “Once again, NTU creative writing MA students have produced an anthology that keeps you turning the pages.

“It is a rich and vibrant mixture of voices from students and staff combining poetry, prose, and all things in between. Compelling, humorous, and with lots of layers to uncover, Connections is a superb anthology to be read by everyone.”

Kate Hewett, Literature Editor at LeftLion, says: “Nottingham Trent University’s MA Creative Writing new anthology Connections is fitting in name and content for this post-normal life we are all currently living.

“The anthology takes a somber but fitting look at dying, hospitals, and the digital afterlife. Many short stories in the anthology took a fresh and inviting look into the home, these stories are funny and at times a little absurd, such as Erika Davies’ There’s a Dragon in the Toilet.

“This anthology is an entertaining and interesting read, one that is relevant to the reader but will also serve as a well-needed distraction,” she added.

The launch of the anthology will be taking place virtually on October 28, and the anthology can be pre-ordered here.

By Faith Pring

Feature image credit: NTU Connections

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