The show must go on: NTU students looking for cast members for latest student production

Whether you love acting and doing something creative, or have always imagined yourself on TV, now may be your time to shine.

Auditions for the new student production ‘Divide’ are now open for the entire public, however they are encouraging both NTU and UON students to apply.

Final year television production technology student, Kayleigh Walsh, 22, is the casting manager for the production.

She is looking for 4 actors to join the production as primary cast members.

She said: “We are looking for actors with an interest in building up their portfolio and with a range of different levels of experience.

“We are looking for 2 actors with the acting age of 18-25 and 2 characters with the acting age of 40-50 years old.”

The production will follow the lives of two siblings who were split after their parents passed before being separated by the childcare system. In this dystopian world the economic split of class is so significant that children under 18 are forbidden from mixing with any classes but their own.

Credit: Jake Osborne

But as the siblings mature, and eventually pass the age of 18, they can reunite and plan a future. However is this possible in a dystopian world has government tracing, borders, and class specific laws?

The roles available are of the older sibling, younger sibling, father, and foster mother.

‘Divide’ is an idea produced by the television production students, and the script was written by their head script writer, Ryan Halliday, and their assistant script writer, Bethany Creswell.

Kayleigh said: “As television production students, we create productions annually, ranging from dramas, to live TV shows and smaller things such as trailers.

“I am also a member of the NTU media society Trent TV which offers a wide range of filming opportunities for students to get involved with.”

The production will be directed by final year television production technology student, Lewis Fletcher, 20, who has previously directed a television talk show, a music video for a local band, and a few smaller client projects. But directing ‘Divide’ will be his biggest project yet.

He said: “What I’m most looking forward to is being on set and seeing our production come alive.

“Being able to use a camera myself on scenes to have my own technical input too, and just having a team with the same vision who are great to work with.”

Despite the current pandemic, all shooting will take place in person rather than online. The team is currently in the process of scouting and confirming their locations around Nottingham city centre, as well other parts of Nottinghamshire.

Lewis said: “With the issue of Covid, we have had to take into consideration the crew and cast on a set. We have planned a TV drama where the cast is originally smaller than originally thought.”

Kayleigh added: “We plan to have Divide released no later than May 2021, with teasers and trailers being released throughout the production on our Instagram.”

“I’m looking forward to seeing how well we product this TV drama during the current circumstances and watching it progress from a simple idea into a reality.”

By Laycie Beck

Feature image credit: Kris Heyden

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