TV Review: Taylor Swift – City of Lover concert

Released for a limited time on Disney +, Taylor Swift released her City of Lover concert on this and other streaming services for fans to enjoy her performance at the L’Olympia theatre in Paris.

After the release of her sixth album “Lover”, Swift performed for her Swifties in Paris and in her words, she felt it was like “an album release party”. She performed in front of a crowd made up of people flown in from 37 countries to witness her artistry and see her first performances of the songs from this meaningful album.

The setlist of songs saw her open with the much-loved catchy and dance worthy hit “Me!” – who she collaborated on with Brendan Urie (AKA Panic at the Disco!). After her opening performance, she takes the performance in a different turn by performing the more deeper meaning song “The Archer” and explains the message behind it.

Swift also takes her performances back to the basics of what her music is to her. Her voice and her guitar. She tells the audience of how for this album that for every song, when she was writing it started with one instrument whether that was a guitar or the piano. Viewers from this can enjoy some acoustic performances of her songs showing the simplicity yet beauty of her music.

What makes this concert great viewing is like her Miss Americana documentary (available on Netflix) we see the true Taylor Swift as we are in an intimate setting with her, its like we are at the performance ourselves. The way she describes the craftsmanship of her songs to her audience, the meaning behind them, the way and how she wrote them is so revealing.

Swift says: “I use songs almost like photographs so I can go back and remember a time and remember exactly what it was like to experience it.” It this sort of exposure we get from Swift as she sings her songs for the audiences that makes the concert even better viewing. In a way, she is putting down her guard to her fans and showing her more vulnerable side to us.

The performance quality Taylor has is impeccable as even as she is performing acoustic, she is still pitch perfect as it is just her and her guitar. One of the standout acoustic performances is “Cornelia Street”.

There is nothing bad you can say about this musical performance as unlike other concert documentaries, there is limited behind the scenes action except the occasional behind stage warm up video. The fact that the concert is uninterrupted by this means you can stay in the atmosphere of the concert and remain in a trance as Swift performs.

The City of Lover concert is essential viewing as it provides the intimacy we are all missing from a concert at the moment and some great tunes to sing a long to in the comfort of our own homes.

By Katie Green

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