Fashion essentials everyone needs in their wardrobe

Fashion, it’s hard to keep up with if you’re particularly keen on remaining stylish, but at the same time you have a strong concern over how deep you are into your overdraft.

Ever buy something and end up never wearing it again because it’s just not ‘in’ anymore? The fresh and upcoming trends don’t have to be the only things worth purchasing at your favourite retail stores – wardrobe staples will never change.

Shared below are some classic and timeless bits worth the splurge to always keep you in the loop, and save you some time in the mornings ;


Skinny jeans that fit like a glove

Although owning a pair of black skinny jeans is pretty important if you are wanting one piece of clothing to see you through every single season, finding a great pair of jeans of any colour that hug you in all the right places is pretty much one of the best discoveries a girl can make.


A white shirt

This versatile item can be worn to interviews, to dinner, it can be dressed up and down and be worn for the purpose of wanting to look classier than usual. Be sure to spend a bit more money on this shirt to ensure that it holds its shape through countless washes and remains in pristine condition. Don’t be afraid to opt for a slightly bigger size than usual either – the oversized look is great.


Black heeled boots

Need I say more? Black heeled boots (especially sock boots) are an absolute staple in my wardrobe and I wear them all the time all year round. Not only do they make you feel sophisticated, but heeled boots will make your legs appear longer if paired with black jeans and they make me feel like I’ve got my life all in check. It feels great to be that little bit taller and they tend to be the perfect piece to complete an outfit that was lacking a bit of spark.


Small crossbody bag

If carrying a heavy bag around town with you all day is something you loathe, then a small cross body bag is your best friend. Practical and easy to carry just the essentials, it will effortlessly take you from day to night. Cocktails anyone?



You’ve heard it before, so here it is again. Every girl needs a little black dress, and I swear by this. It will be your perfect backup outfit for that night out that you’re completely unorganised for or for that Christmas party where you can’t find anything nice online. Opt for ruffles, some different textures or even try out an off the shoulder look to ensure that your black dress has a twist.


Slim paper bag trousers

Much like the cross body bag and white shirt, this is another fabulous transitional addition to anyone’s wardrobe. Wear this style of trouser to work with some flats and then straight from here, change it up with some barely-there heels to a party with a top tucked into them. Paper bag trousers are especially flattering as they’re high-waisted. And high waisted items suit everyone.


Leather jacket

Want to look cool in an instant? If you don’t own one already, a leather jacket is what you’re missing out on. Seriously. Another item that can transcend into any occasion, the leather jacket makes your look appear tougher and more put together.

And last but certainly not least,


The plain white tee

The foundation of many outfits, a white t-shirt is the perfect way to start. Tuck this into some mom or skinny jeans or even wear a simple slip dress over the top for an instantly casual and retro look.


With these articles of clothing in your wardrobe, you’ll never be out of the “fashion” loop!


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