The Secret to the Perfect Slick Bun

Sleek hair has always been a timeless look and its simple style is back.

The staple is favoured by many celebs on the red carpet, alongside celebrity hairstylists, like Jen Atkins.

It has gone viral on TikTok, where there are 320.1 million views on video tutorials.

Everyone wants to know how to recreate this look, and we have made the perfect guide for you to follow along.

Things you will need include: a hair gel or hair pomade, a paddle or bristle hair brush, a pin tail comb, hair ties, hair grips, hairspray and a spoolie.

For a more luxury option, the OUAI Matte Pomate is a favourite of Jen Atkins and is the secret behind her sleek looks.

However, the Kristen Ess Depth Define Soft Matt Pomade is just as effective and smells incredible.

Hair that is a few days old or hair that has an oily texture is preferred will help hold the style, and it will need less product as well.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to achieve this style:

Start by brushing your hair backwards, using a paddle or bristle brush away from your face.

This will give you the basic structure to begin the process.

Using a hair pomade or gel, run it over the top layer of your hair, following the shape you created from brushing your hair.

Now use the brush again to disperse the product through your hair and begin the flattening process.

If you like the middle-parting look of the sleek style, this is where you would add it in by using a pin tail comb to separate your parting.

From here, collect all of your hair, using the brush, to the right placement of where you want your ponytail or bun on your head.

The aim is to get it as sleek and smooth as possible.

This can be achieved best by using a combination of a pin tail comb and a bristle brush to tame all of your hair.

When you are happy with your placement, use a hair tie to secure it in place.

If you want to turn the ponytail into a bun, twist the ponytail around itself into a bun shape and secure with another hair tie.

Use hair grips to fix any loose hairs and to get your desired look.

To finish, use a long-lasting hairspray to keep any fly aways at bay.

The secret to securing wispy hairs that grow around your hairline, also known as baby hairs, is taking gel on a spoolie.

This will help you guide them back to get a true sleek, put together look.

If you don’t have a spoolie, a brand new toothbrush is just as effective!

Now you have the perfect sexy sleek hair that gives you a modern, yet classic look, suitable for any occasion!

Eva Rankin (@evarankiin) on TikTok has made a fantastic video tutorial, which you can follow along to for more guidance.

By Eleanor Lawrence

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