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Live Review: Jennings Couch for Coffee House Sessions

Alternative singer-songwriter Jennings Couch came to the Nottingham Trent Student Union to perform a small set as part of the Coffee House Sessions.

Jennings Couch performed small acoustic set of six songs including his own ‘Love Hearts,’ a cover of Chris Isaac’s ‘Wicked Game’ and his latest single “Animal Instinct” – which he released on 13th February. As part of his coffee house tour he performed at the Clifton campus and then city campus on Tuesday, February 12.

Each week a different artists tours around different Student Unions across the UK. The likes of Seafret, Izzy Bizu, The Sherlocks and Hudson Taylor have all previously taken to the Coffee House Stage.

Jennings setlist started with his then-unreleased single ‘Animal Instinct’ and ‘Somewhere in my blood’ followed by his song “about a really bad breakup.” ‘Serotonin’ was an emotional heart-to-heart song about getting through it; probably just in time for some of us on Valentine’s Day!

With a quick re-tuning, Jennings performed his take on Chris Isaak’s ‘Wicked Game’ keeping the emotional tone and love semantic with the handle “I don’t wanna fall in love.” With this, Jennings transformed the busy and bustling SU into an intimate and chilled atmosphere. Next Jennings played his most popular song ‘Saviour’ featuring his emotive vocalisation combined with his virtuosity on the guitar.

Jennings closes his set with his single ‘Love Hearts’ a chilled and lax song about a relationship affected by social media and “[using] emojis to lie” leading to his disfavour of social media.

Overall, it was a brilliant set – it’s always great to see artists play live in the SU. You’ll find us watching more artists there very soon…

Coffee House Sessions are held every Tuesday afternoon at both City and Clifton Campus.

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By Oliver Bradley

Interview: Matt Carstens

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