Single Review: NF – Chasing

Michigan rapper NF’s vocals shine on the unexpected release of latest single, Chasing. After releasing a snippet of the song just over a week ago, the rap artist suggested it “may never see the light of day”. However, as NF was “blown away” by a cover version from a fan, he was inspired to complete the song for release as a demo…

The song does not fit the genre NF would usually fit into as a rapper, however, it’s clear that he has an incredible talent for singing, which he has built upon since releasing The Search last year. Nathan, also known as NF, opens the song with the vocals of Mikayla Sippel, whose softening voice compliments the slow piano melody which dominates the track.

NF’s battle for happiness appears to be in full force with the powerful opening line of, “I just wanna run-away” symbolising a retreat against “this high that I’ve been chasing”. Fans are aware of the artist’s battle with depression and anxiety, but despite NF raging for change in his last album, he sadly delivers the line that “something’s got a hold on me”, which is powerfully delivered, raising goosebumps on my skin.

For me, with the dominant instrument being soft piano keys, the song excellently produces a feeling of emptiness, signifying how Nathan is alone with his thoughts, something I feel a lot of people can resonate to.

It is not until the second verse that a violin is carefully introduced, but to the line, “I’m holding my head up high but it’s not working”, which smoothly parallels the pain in Nathans’s voice. The violin abruptly ends to start the chorus where Sippel’s delicate voice takes charge, contrasting to Nathan’s verse with more energy, possibly suggesting he cannot carry the weight anymore.

The song ends as it begins, and for me, the cyclical structure just further represents the ongoing battle against depression not only NF has, but anyone diagnosed. Chasing draws me back to Mansion, NF’s first album from 2015, in particular the song titled Paralysed, where for me, the Michigan rapper first displayed his talent for singing.

Personally, this is going straight into my playlist, as its raw nature and beautiful vocals really create a downcast, relaxed vibe assured to help anyone struggling mentally. I have had this song on repeat since it dropped and I do not plan on stopping, the melodies and vocals are just so mesmerising! I for one cannot wait to see how this demo is tweaked into a song for the potential new album.

Rating: 9/10

By Daniel Smith

Feature Image Credit: NF Real Music

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