Edward Peck declares “NTU does not tolerate racism” after more than 60 societies complain

Vice-Chancellor of Nottingham Trent University (NTU), Edward Peck, has reiterated that NTU “does not tolerate” racism after concerns were raised by a group of students.

The complaint, sent to the NTU executive team and Nottingham Trent Students’ Union (NTSU) officers, was initially launched by NTU Labour Society on June 9.

The society’s President, Sam Harris, 20, stated that NTU needs to take “decisive action” to avoid “betraying thousands of BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) students”.

NTU Labour society called upon the University to “act swiftly and meaningfully against all incidents of racism” in order to “prove itself”.

The letter sent by NTU Labour society was additionally signed by over sixty other societies belonging to NTSU, including NTU Conservatives, NTU Extinction Rebellion and NTU Disney.

Further to his statement on June 11, NTU’s Vice-Chancellor Edward Peck responded, stating that the University does not tolerate racism.

He said: “First of all, let me be absolutely clear: NTU does not tolerate racism.”

“All incidents are investigated thoroughly as soon as they are reported. These incidents are often debated publicly on social media at the same time as they are reported to us and as we are investigating.”

“It would be entirely inappropriate if the University commented on these investigations whilst they are taking place, however I can confirm that students have been excluded from the University during my time as Vice-Chancellor on the basis of behaviour judged to be racist,” he added.

In light of this response, Sam Harris commented: “While it is reassuring to hear that all the cases stated in our letter have been and are being investigated, the outcomes will surely be the only way of reassuring us and the BAME communties at NTU that NTU take cases of racism seriously.

He told us: “We will continue to highlight cases of racism and discrimination to NTU as and when we are made aware of them.”

In a statement, the BAME Officer and BAME Outreach Coordinator of NTU Labour Society said: “As NTU Labour’s BAME Officers, we feel students who have been a victim of racism tend to be the ones who suffer the most, resulting in grades suffering and a negative impact on mental health, which leads to a withdrawal in university life.

“Students must make it their personal responsibility to ensure their peers feel safe and secure within the university environment, as no student should suffer in silence against this crime of hate.

“We urge the university to ensure they act with haste in address the issues of racism within the NTU community.”

If you or someone you know has been a victim of racism at NTU, do not hesitate to get in touch with us or NTU.

By Faith Pring

Feature image credit (edited): David Baird

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