NTU confirm “blended approach” for 2020/21 classes

Today (20 May), Nottingham Trent University (NTU) confirmed they would be taking a ‘blended approach’ to their teaching in the new academic year.

NTU’s Vice Chancellor Edward Peck announced in a statement that the University would be opening all of its campuses as usual in September, but some classes would be taking place online rather than in-person.

“Each of our campuses will be open for the next academic year, 2020 / 21,” he stated.

“We will be offering a mixture of on-campus, in-class teaching alongside online learning.

“This blended approach has always been our aspiration as our future model and as far as possible we are accelerating its development,” he added.

Edward Peck also acknowledges the issue of social distancing in the statement and how NTU will change their teaching methods to comply with government regulations.

“As you can imagine, much of the detail is being worked through now: how we will use our lecture theatres differently and how we will ensure social distancing in our communal areas?

Our central message is simple – our intention is that we will be physically open from this September and we will welcome you to Nottingham.”

Extra-curricular opportunities through the students’ union are also likely to be affected in the new academic year, but more information is expected to arrive soon.

“We will still be offering a host of extra-curricular opportunities and are thinking creatively as to how these will work,” he said.

“We are working in close collaboration with our partners at Nottingham Trent Students’ Union to rethink how we approach the social aspect of university life, whilst keeping us all safe, and we will publish more information as soon as we can.”

More information is expected from the University over the next few weeks surrounding the next academic year and what current and future students can expect from their degrees.

You can read the full statement from Edward Peck here.

By Faith Pring

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