NTU Karate club offers students self-defence classes

NTU Karate will be offering a free online self-defence class for students who want to know how to defend themselves better.

The club have offered self-defence classes in the past, including during the first week of term a few years ago, and last year they were asked to run one by NTU Cheerleading.

Aidan Newbery, 24, has been President of NTU Karate for the last three years. 

He said: “I think it is very important that people learn self-defence because in extreme situations it can be the difference between life and death.

“I hope that no one in the sessions ever find themselves having to use the techniques but I hope that they would feel more confident in dealing with a nasty situation if they were ever faced with one.

The free online class will take place via Zoom at 7:15pm on Friday, February 5, and it will cover basic concepts of self-defence.

The class is being offered to all students at NTU, but anyone that is unable to join is able to join the clubs regular training where they also teach self-defence techniques.

NTU Karate also hope to run another self-defence class once the current restrictions allow them to, so that students can consolidate their learning and practice the techniques with a partner to fully understand them.

Aidan added: “Self-defence is more than the physical techniques; it is also the mental awareness of one’s surroundings which can help to prevent a dangerous situation from happening in the first place.

“This could be something as simple as crossing the road and walking on the other side if you anticipate a potentially threating situation.”

NTU Karate Coach, Sensei Rob Manning, said: “Self-defence is really about doing everything you can to protect yourself from being attacked. 

“It’s about understanding the world around you, other people and yourself in order to avoid it happening, but if it does it’s about taking action.

“Your will to survive is your greatest weapon – augment this with a few key moves and some simple principles and you maximise your chances.”

By Laycie Beck

Photo credit: NTU Karate

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