Top Places to Travel on a Student Budget in 2020

Travelling has always been an enriching experience and it pleases me to see how many people have started to spend their money on exploring new places and cultures instead of buying what I call “dust catchers”.

However, all of us are still only students who try really hard to survive at the University with our limited (or none, in some cases) income. And I know that I don’t have to highlight how uni life can be expensive.

I bet that we all could benefit from some advice on how to see more and still stick to our little budget.

Don’t be picky! 

There are two types of people. Those who have a list of places they want to visit really badly, and those who just want to travel for the sake of it, to discover new things and they don’t care where their journey starts, as long as they see more out of the world.

I am not going to lie; the first group has it slightly harder. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of lists and planning, but it’s not really budget-friendly. Of course, everybody wants to visit Maldives, Australia or New Zealand but show me a student who has an extra £250 (minimum) to buy a flight ticket. And then show me a student who, on the top of that, has extra money to spend it there. So, my first advice is – don’t be so picky! 

Travelling is an amazing experience and when you want to travel, you just want to travel because it’s unbelievably uplifting. You can discover a lot more when you start with less attractive places. It might not be the best locations for your Instagram but still can have a lot to offer.

Budget-friendly destinations

Before I list some of the cheaper destinations you can visit and still not ruin your bank account, let me point out something.

When you follow my previous advice, travelling on a budget is easier than it might seem. All you need is to know what you can afford.

Next step is to open a well-known website and type in “London (Any)”. The majority of flights from London to Europe are ridiculously cheap. If you keep an eye on the price rise, you can easily buy a flight ticket London – Barcelona for as little as £9. No joke. And that’s not a lot, is it?

However, obviously, the flight tickets are not the only things you need the money for. You need to sleep somewhere, eat somewhere and see something. This makes the narrowing slightly more difficult. And here comes our list:


Copenhagen, Denmark

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Surprised? Indeed, Denmark is not really the cheapest destination of them all BUT…when you check the flight prices for March, the majority is for £10. Tell me that’s not ridiculous. Just skip one night out, or two food deliveries from Just Eat and you are ready to fly to the capital of Denmark. Don’t be afraid about the budget you need to take with you. Obviously, you do need some money for spending but it doesn’t have to be loads. You can find some cheap tips on and count how much money you will need.

Milan, Italy

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Milan is an underestimated destination. Everybody seems to prefer Rome, Venice, or Florence which is understandable but I wouldn’t shade Milan too much. You can never know until you try. Similarly, as with Copenhagen, flights for March are, again, mostly for £10. With regards to accommodation, you can find a room for as little as £29 per night but don’t forget that the cheaper price you want, the larger will be the distance from the city centre.

Budapest, Hungary

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Hungary is one of the cheapest destinations in Europe and obviously if you travel somewhere else but the capital, it is even cheaper. However, considering how many things you can see in Budapest and how beautiful the city is, the prices are far beyond average. Imagine breakfast in size of full English breakfast with a hot drink and a glass of fruit juice included for €7.90. Isn’t it like a dream? And, where else would give you a free walking tour with a guide?

Poznan, Poland

Image courtesy of Lonely Planet

Poznan is one of the cities that offers affordable accommodation in a proper hotel, not in a hostel with a million people in one room that loves to offer as the cheapest option. Obviously, when you are on a budget, you don’t need Four Seasons, especially when all you do in the hotel is sleeping over, but I guess that all of us would prefer some privacy. Well-graded hotels on Booking cost approximately £26 per night, or £35 when you want to be closer to the city centre.

Tallinn, Estonia

Image courtesy of Daily Telegraph

Tallinn, does it ring a bell? It used to be quite an unknown city but these past few years, it’s getting more and more recognisable. For those, who don’t know, Tallinn is the capital of Estonia and similarly as Budapest, it’s quite an underestimated city. You can visit the official website for Tallinn to plan your trips and find some hidden gems (because those are the best). Accommodation is super cheap and not far from the city centre (if you are not too complicated) and when it comes to food, you can fill your belly for less than €10.

By Radka Feichtingerová

Feature image courtesy of Unsplash

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