Love Island week six recap: Dirty dancing, throwing pies & milking a goat

The end of Love Island is near – but for now, let’s jump back to what happened in week six…

Monday, July 8

First episode of the week, and there’s already chats about ‘grafting’. Maura told Lucie previously that she wanted to get to know Curtis, and then finally revealed her news to fellow islanders Molly-Mae and Anna. Anna said that she was disappointed in Maura that she didn’t at least have a conversation with Amy beforehand, and that if she fancied one of the other boys, she would speak to the girl first.

Maura then called Amy for a quick chat, and explained that she spoke with Curtis, admitting to liking him. Amy questioned her as to why she didn’t speak with her first, just to give her the heads up before cracking on with her ‘ex-half-boyfriend’. Also in this episode we found out that both Tommy and Curtis discussed about Tommy making it official with Molly-Mae and they decided to make a little decorative set-up with Ellie-Bellie (Molly-Mae’s little elephant toy) holding a note.

Anton & Belle also had their first official date together since being coupled up in the villa. They went to a farm and Anton had his first experience milking a goat! On their dates they seemed to have lots of things in common, and were already discussing whether or not they would work on the outside.

It was also Anna’s 29th birthday so there was a little party in the villa for the remaining islanders with Jordan making her breakfast on the morning of her birthday.

Caroline Flack also made a shocking appearance to the villa where she announced that the public had been voting for their favourite couples, and the bottom three couples would be at risk from being dumped from the villa. It was revealed that the lowest voted couple were Danny & Jourdan, and they were dumped from the villa. We found out that one more couple were going to be dumped from the villa: either George & Lucie or Curtis & Amy!

Tuesday, July 9

When it came to the result of the second couple to leave the villa, it was down to the other islanders to vote for which couple they wanted to save.

Michael & Joanna decided to save Curtis & Amy
Marvin & Maura decided to save George & Lucie
Ovie & Anna decided to save Curtis & Amy
Anton & Belle decided to save Curtis & Amy
Tommy & Molly-Mae decided to save Curtis & Amy
…and with 4 votes to 1, George & Lucie were also dumped from the villa!

Tommy & Molly-Mae became the first couple in the villa to make it official by dropping the ‘L-bomb’ and admitting that they loved each other, as well as finding out Amy decided it would be better to leave the villa. She spoke privately with Curtis and said that it was a difficult decision for her to make, but she wanted to stay as friends with him and give him the opportunity to find someone else that would be better suited for him.

Marvin also admitted to Anton that he wanted to get to know Amber, and went to ‘dating expert’ Anton for how to approach her. He bravely called her for a chat and said that he fancied her, and he had a good feeling that she fancied him back, before stating that he was better than Michael. Amber seemed shocked at the revelation and Maura didn’t even think for a second that she would have any interest in him. We also found out that two new bombshells would arrive into the villa to stir things up once again!

Wednesday, July 10

Chris and Francesca were the two bombshells teased at the end of the previous episode and got straight in with mingling with the new islanders. Chris admitted he went for blonde girls, so Anton obviously got worried, and Francesca was spoilt for choice, admitting that she found Curtis, Anton, Ovie and Marvin interesting.

Michael & Joanna also had a discussion about their future together outside of the villa. Michael reassured her that he came into the villa for himself and that the right person will come into the villa for Amber, but it’s just not him. Amber admitted to Anna and Maura that she still had feelings for Michael and broke down in front of them.

Both of the new islanders Chris and Francesca both received texts, giving them the opportunity to go on a date with two people of their choice. Chris chose Belle and Maura, while Francesca chose Ovie and Curtis.

On Chris’ first date, him and Belle had a lot in common including their love for dogs, and with Maura, she was more interested in listening to Curtis’ date with Francesca. Meanwhile, her first date with Ovie seemed to go well and it was easy for both of them to make conversation, but with Curtis, she seemed to be more interested and hinted that she wouldn’t mind getting to know him better.

During Wednesday’s episode, the islanders took part in a game called ‘Dirty Dancers’ where the guy and girl islanders had to try and raise the heartbeats of the opposing team. There were some strong performances from the girls, including some saucy dancing from Maura which saw her making out with Curtis. When it came to the boys, some of them weren’t ‘on form’, including Ovie and Marvin, but some of them (Jordan and Anton) caused hearts to race. The girls won the challenge, but they didn’t get a prize – they could just brag about it in the villa!

Thursday, July 11

To start this episode off, Jordan and Michael had a quick chat about whether he should continue pursuing things with Joanna, or go back to Amber. He said that it’s 100% his choice, but it could either go one of two ways: he’ll fall more in love with Joanna, or he’ll revert back to Amber, like Anna did with him, making their bond stronger.

Marvin also tried to get to know Francesca better, and revealed on Sunday’s Aftersun show that she was his “last option” to stay in the villa as Maura had rejected him previously in a double dumping alongside Lucie, who chose to break the news to George.

Michael also had another chat with Joanna and proposed the big question: “Do you want things to work out between us, or do you want to be friends with Amber?”, suggesting that in order for them to continue getting to know each other, they had to be selfish – although it would potentially hurt Amber’s feelings.

Maura also had a chat with Curtis about how their dates went with Chris and Francesca respectively. Maura admitted that she didn’t feel an instant connection with Chris, and Curtis revealed that he wasn’t going to refuse getting to know Francesca better, keeping both of his options open.

Chris also made his first move onto Amber, pulling her for a quick chat, but it resulted in him being friend-zoned very quickly. Maura, Molly-Mae and Anna also watched in on Curtis’ private chat with Francesca, questioning how many times she could flick her hair (which Maura jokingly said would give her whiplash).

The final part of this episode was through a challenge called ‘Lad Points’. Each of the guys were set a variety of three challenges. The first round saw them downing a pint of beer whilst wearing non-vision goggles, and having to shoot a penalty. After this round, Jordan and Marvin were in the lead.

The second round saw them having to eat a plate of vindaloo curry as quickly as possible. Whilst Anton struggled, Chris finished it incredibly quickly and won that round! Marvin was currently still in the lead.

The third and final round saw two heats, where each of the guys had to squat the girl of their choice for the longest time possible – Anton won the first heat and Michael won the second, and that means that both Anton and Marvin shared the winning place!

Just before we said goodbye to one of the islanders, another party was hosted where we saw everyone dress up elegantly and covered in glitter. During the recoupling we found out that Francesca would have the first choice as being the new female islander, and she chose to couple up with Curtis.

Joanna chose Michael
Anna chose Jordan
Molly-Mae chose Tommy
Belle chosen Anton
Amber chose Ovie (to give him a chance to find someone else)
…and finally, Maura chose Chris, leaving Marvin packing and seeing him as the 19th dumped islander from the villa!

Friday, July 12

Curtis and Francesca kicked off this episode by having a discussion on where their relationship was heading. Curtis admitted that he didn’t want to lie to anyone on where he stood, so wanted to find out more about both Francesca and Maura until he felt a better connection with one of them.

Chris also had several conversations with a few of the girls: firstly, a catch up with Francesca to see where her head was at, then with Maura, talking about their options in the villa, and finally with Amber. She admitted she was ‘multifaceted’, meaning she had many sides to her personality and sometimes she doesn’t know how to bring the right emotions out.

Before the evening’s events, Jordan, Tommy and Anton were tasked to go to the shop and pick up ingredients to make a meal for the girls in the evening! It was quite an interesting part of the show to watch as none of them could speak Spanish, and they had no idea on what items to get. At the till, Anton thought it would be funny to write his mobile number on the receipt and hand it back to the shop assistant, which he claimed was a ‘joke’ and a ‘fake number’, but it didn’t go down well with some of the other islanders.

To sum up the final part of this episode, each of the couples went on mini dates, where it was down to the boys to cook up a meal for each of the girls. With Tommy as the head chef in the kitchen, he made sure that everyone was included in the delivery of the meals.

When the meals were on the way, Ovie reassured Amber that there was something still there between her and Michael. Anna also tested her relationship with Jordan to see if he would tell the truth about the events that happened while the boys were out shopping for ingredients.

We also found out that the public were going to be voting for their favourite couples again, and the bottom two would be at risk of being dumped from the villa, but new islanders Chris and Francesca (along with their partners) were safe from the voting!

Sunday, July 14

In this episode, Anton came clean to Belle about giving his number to the shop assistant. She wasn’t too happy with his actions and questioned if he would do that on a night out in the real world. Maura also challenged Curtis after he revealed that Francesca felt ‘awkward’ after giving her a massage.

She replied saying “But don’t you think I feel awkward when I saw you with your arm wrapped around Francesca in the bed?”, which he replied to with “I understand, so I’m going to sleep on the daybed until I have made up my mind”. He also told Francesca the news before he went outside and slept alone for the second time during his time in the villa.

The islanders also played a game called ‘Snog, Marry, Pie’ where they had to snog or kiss the islander of their choice, ‘propose’ to another, and throw a pie into the face of a third!

The controversial moments for the girls was when both Anna pied Michael because of how he treated Amber. Francesca said she pied Chris because he felt like a brother to her, and Molly-Mae said that she decided to pie Anton because he gave his number to the shop assistant.

Funny moments for the boys included when Anton referred back to the kissing challenge by stating that he was going to kiss the girl because she was the ‘best kisser’ before pecking Anna on the lips. Just as he was about to kiss Belle, she spoke out about how he had embarrassed her not once, but twice. Chris pied Maura as she “pied him off” and Ovie did the same to Anna but in a friendlier way.

That evening, the remaining islanders received a text saying that they were going to the ‘Island Club’, and off they went to get ready! Anton admitted to Anna whilst she was in the shower that he was done with Belle because she embarrassed him, rather than trying to apologise to her for his mistakes – I sense a Tom 2.0 for the mistakes he made when he was coupled up with Maura!

Belle spoke with a few of the other girls, and thought it was best to speak to Anton herself. She asked him for a chat and he said that he didn’t believe he did anything wrong so Belle switched, stood up for herself and said that she wasn’t going to be treated like this, and if he was serious about the two of them working, he had to change his ways. 

Amber also called Michael for a quick chat to admit that she still had feelings for him, and after that conversation when Michael tried to speak with Joanna, she said that she needed some time to herself, so turned him away temporarily.

We also found out that another couple were going to be dumped from the villa – or were they? Caroline Flack revealed that the public had been voting yet again for their favourite couples, and that both Jordan & Anna and Michael & Joanna had the least amount of votes. Each of the other couples had to decide whether to save Jordan & Anna or Michael & Joanna:

Chris & Maura decided to save Jordan & Anna,
Curtis & Francesca decided to save Michael & Joanna,
Anton & Belle decided to save Michael & Joanna,
Ovie & Amber decided to save Jordan & Anna,
…and it was down to Tommy & Molly-Mae who also decided to save Jordan & Anna.

With three votes to two, Michael & Joanna should have been sent home from the villa. Caroline revealed that Michael & Joanna wouldn’t be able to continue their journey in the villa together, and that one of them was going to be dumped from the villa. We didn’t find out until Monday’s episode, so until the next instalment, I hope you enjoyed this recap and have a great week!

By Brandon Boyd

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