Love Island week two recap: New arrivals, new couples & new drama

Another week of Love Island, another weekly round-up from Brandon!

Monday, June 10

A new week with clear minds, right? Wrong. Danny has been in the villa less than 24 hours and had to choose TWO girls to go on a date with. He chose both Yewande and Amber!

Danny’s date with Yewande seemed to go very well and there was lots of laughing during discussions, and Danny praised her for being a scientist as she revealed that she genuinely loved helping people. However, his date with Amber wasn’t the same. It was quite awkward at first, and although they did seem to get along, Danny wasn’t sure if there was a romantic connection because she was very closed and didn’t give anything away. The girls were very supportive of Yewande during this situation, especially Anna, who seemed to always be giving advice, almost the female equivalent of Curtis.

The only other notable moment from this episode was when Danny started talking to Molly-Mae, and everyone thought his head was going to be turned and he would fall for her – when in reality they were just speaking as friends. Molly-Mae also had her eyes on Anton, but they hadn’t spoken enough for that initial spark to happen.

Tuesday, June 11

In this episode, we saw a variety of chats discussing both Tommy & Molly-Mae and Danny & Yewande, and the future for both of these couples! Michael & Amber had their first kiss and Curtis & Amy were the first couple to refer to each other as “half-boyfriend and girlfriend”.

Joe & Lucie went on their first date away from the villa, and afterwards, they gave themselves the same label, drawing attention away from Curtis & Amy and making Amy feel like they did it because of jealousy.

We also found out during this episode that Sherif had “left the villa” and we now know that there was a little bit of play-fighting happening between him and Molly-Mae. He accidentally kicked her in the groin and used some offensive language, so that’s why he spoke with the producers and thought it was best for him to leave the villa.

The final notable part of this episode is that TWO new girls were going to be entering the villa and definitely causing some drama amongst some of the other couples.

Wednesday, June 12

In Wednesday’s episode we saw the arrival of both new girls: Elma from Essex and Maura from Northern Island. They were the main focus of the episode as we didn’t know what to expect from either of them, and they chose THREE boys each to go on a date with – each boy cooked their starter, main and dessert, respectively. The other islanders were watching the night’s events from the balcony!

For the starter dates, Danny & Elma seemed to get on very well and it didn’t seem to be awkward. They were speaking about their jobs outside of the villa, and the growing relationship between Danny & Yewande and where he saw that going. During the other starter, Maura came in with compliments left, right and centre and said that he was definitely her type, causing Molly-Mae to have a strop on the balcony.

Throughout the course of the evening, both Molly-Mae and Yewande were obviously hoping the dates wouldn’t go so smoothly with the new girls, as their couples had been chosen by BOTH of the new girls who arrived to the villa.

During the mains, Anton cooked his spaghetti carbonara dish which he didn’t even eat due to being so engrossed in his conversation with Elma, saying he “was waiting for an Essex girl to walk in”. For Danny & Maura, there wasn’t really a romantic connection, and she probably saw him as more of a friend.

For dessert, Tommy made an array of different treats including some sweeter dishes – and a carrot? Slightly weird for a date, but hey-ho! On Michael & Maura’s little dessert date, they were giggling and talking a lot as they seemed to have a lot in common. Some of the girls on the balcony started making noises and shouting down, making Maura feel awkward, so she fought back with “I’ll give them something to talk about” before feeding a piece of cake to Michael.

The rest of the episode circulated around both of the new girls and whether they were going to tread on anyone’s toes to get the guy they wanted.

Thursday, June 13

In Thursday’s episode we found out more about some of the drama lurking around the villa.

Michael & Amber were having a chat with Maura, and she said “All I know is that I don’t lose” regarding the Tommy & Molly-Mae situation, which she did end up losing. Danny previously said to Yewande that his head wouldn’t be turned, but he was already seeking interest in one of the new girls, Elma, but still found Maura incredibly attractive.

Tommy & Maura were having a deep discussion about whether they wanted to get to know each other more, and whether Molly-Mae was a barrier between their bond. Molly-Mae was determined to win over Tommy, so teamed up with Anna and started walking past them to try and listen in on the conversation. “Let’s do laps so they can see we’ve seen them talking”, Molly-Mae plotted.

Friday, June 14

Right at the beginning of this episode, you see Maura trying to turn off the shower, looking straight over at Tommy for assistance. Very sneaky – that’s one way to try and flirt first thing in the morning!

Elma & Maura were having a girls discussion about their time in the villa so far and who they had their eyes on. It seemed obvious that Anton & Elma were into one another, but Danny wanted to try and get to know Elma more as well. For Maura, Tommy was her territory!

Later on in the episode we see the boys relaxing at the spa and discussing life in the villa so far. Joe and Curtis come to a mutual agreement that their other halves (Amy and Lucie) need to start getting on, or else more drama is going to occur in the villa

Towards the end of the episode Danny & Yewande have their first kiss, with Michael & Amber peering over to watch the events take place. Once they kissed, Michael, Amber and Danny were cheering with happiness that they finally had the courage to take things to the next step!

Molly-Mae also sees Maura having a discussion with Tommy, and after much deliberation with both Amber & Anna, she calmly walks over and asks for a private chat with Maura, discussing the Tommy situation.

Sunday, June 16

During Sunday’s episode, we see both Molly-Mae and Maura talking about Tommy and where they both see the relationships going. Amber doesn’t believe a single word Maura has said to Tommy.

There was another challenge in this episode involving wedding dresses called ‘Bridezilla’. The first part of the challenge was to drag the man they were coupled up with (or personal choice if they didn’t have a couple), from one side to the other. Yewande and Elma made it look easy, whereas Molly-Mae seemed to struggle a little bit, and also struggled to watch Tommy & Maura snogging each other’s faces off too!

The second part of the challenge was for the girls to have a food fight! Lucie and Amy ended up mostly throwing food at each other and Amber wasn’t happy. After the challenge was finished, we found out that Anna had the cleanest dress and was therefore declared the winner!

Joe and Molly-Mae joked that they were both worried about the next recoupling and said that they should just couple up to make sure they both stayed. The results that night were:

  • Danny & Yewande (new couple)
  • Curtis & Amy (unchanged)
  • Michael & Amber (new couple)
  • Joe & Lucie (unchanged)
  • Anton & Elma (new couple)
  • Tommy & Molly-Mae (unchanged)

Maura and Anna were left without partners, so it was revealed that they would go on TWO dates with new boys Tom and Jordan. The couples would have to decide who they thought were the least compatible in the villa, putting them at risk of being voted off.

Don’t forget Love Island is on every night on ITV2 from 9pm to 10pm, Saturday’s episode is the “unseen bits” and straight after Sunday’s episode is the live show Aftersun hosted by Caroline Flack with a variety of guests! Until the next Love Island update, goodbye!

By Brandon Boyd

Feature image credit: ITV

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