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The budget international buffet is a good value, all you can eat experience for students…

I had the pleasure of visiting Cosmo for the first time with a couple of friends last week. Cosmo is a chain of restaurants that provide food from all over the world.  Whilst usually it can be difficult to pick where to go for food with the vast range of independent and chain restaurants in Nottingham, I was happy to hand my money over this one.

Cosmo is located just opposite the Victoria Centre – it is very easy to find and also accessible. As I am a student myself, we decided to book a lunch time slot which I would recommend doing on the website to avoid disappointment. There is a 12:00-15:00 gap which will cost £9.99. However, I found out from a friend that we also receive student discount on top of that which will take it to £8.99, bargain right?  In any case, there are evening and weekend sittings which can range up to £15.99.

After walking in and being seated, we were asked if we would like any drinks. This depends on what you are willing to spend, but again, don’t be afraid to ask for tap water. Most of us are on a budget after all. The restaurant is split into country stations, with a Chinese and Indian section along with sushi.

The range was vast, from Singapore noodles to pizza and a carvery. As I am vegetarian I was partly apprehensive on what I would be able to eat and whether it would be worth it or not, but it delivered and there was plenty to try, such as cucumber sushi and saag aloo. If that fails to impress you there is always the dessert station, which will satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth.

An array of dessert rolls. Photo Courtesy of Abi Trünk.

The desserts are doughnuts, rolls, chocolate cake or apple crumble with custard and many more the list is endless, the best part is that you can have as many as you like. On the other hand, if you are trying to be healthy there is fresh fruit to satisfy you, which might make you feel a bit better and not bursting like a balloon. The only point I would make is that I was most excited for the chocolate fountain but was disappointed to see it was not turned on. I still had a lovely time and would definitely recommend going at least once whilst at University.

Cosmo offers a 10% student discount

By Abi Trünk

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