How to See Summer Styles into the New Season

After dropping serious cash on a summer wardrobe and wearing it for a few glorious sunny days, that same sun soon fades and we find ourselves with some impractical pieces on our hands. So what to do with those sun-dresses and scandalous swimming costumes?

Well, with a little layering and a dash of inventiveness your summer wardrobe can transition as easily into autumn as the leaves turn brown.

Accessories are an easy way to make any piece season appropriate. Pair neutral toned summer playsuits with an on-trend autumnal baker boy cap, or add brown leather for a cool edge.
The 90’s kids knew what they were doing with this trick. Pair any summer dress with a long-sleeved top or turtleneck to keep those arms warm.
Swimming costumes don’t need to be retired into the back of the wardrobe. Stick a denim mini skirt over your most daring ones and voila! You have another night out top to add to the repertoire.
Bold colours aren’t reserved for the warmer climates either. Neon pinks and reds complement the darker neutrals of autumn and put together they add some on-trend colour clashing to keep you in style.

Top tips

  • Make layering your friend
  • Don’t be afraid to keep patterns and vivid shades around
  • Invest in a baker boy cap (seriously, everyone and their mum has one now)


Models- Rebecca Newman-Matthews & Emily Mitton

Photographer- Patrycja Boryka

Wardrobe- Megan Eve Hollins

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