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Sunny days skincare- 9 summer SPF must-haves

Skincare is having a moment in 2018, with brands like The Ordinary and Glossier bringing a millennial, and affordable, twist to moisturizers and eye creams. But with the sun finally showing its face, skincare’s hottest tip is to protect your own.

Exposing your delicate facial skin to too much sun can cause aesthetic problems, such as sun-spots, wrinkles and redness, along with scarier long term effects like skin cancer and UV damage. Beauty experts swear that daily sun screen is the best way to combat anti-aging head on.

So if you’re going into the shops for sun cream, make sure to pick up some protection for your face too.

Hot tip- look for SPF moisturizers with added nutrients like grape seed oil to get a glowy boost.

spf skincare, platform magazine

If you don’t have time to spend putting on sunscreen and makeup, get an SPF foundation that’s as multi-tasking as you.

Hot tip- Go super matte with the foundation to avoid awkward shiny patches.

platform magazine, spf skincare

Lips don’t just need looking after in the winter. Sunny weather can dry them out, so hydrate with summery flavoured balms.

Hot tip- Tinted balms like this Kiehl’s one can be swiped on cheeks for a natural touch of blush.

spf skincare, platform magazine

Enjoy the heat this summer, but be smart and protect that skin. You’ll thank us later.

By Emily Mitton

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