Top 15 must have Ocean outfits

To those of you that are not aware, Ocean is Trent’s student night on a Wednesday. Societies will pick a theme to dress up as each week then go on a bar crawl round town which ends up in the big O.

Here’s our pick of the best themes to expect throughout the year. Remember that all outfits can work for everyone if you want, blokes can spandex up and rock Call on Me too if they’d like…

For the Girls

5. Angels/Devils

Heaven or hell, in most cases the outfit won’t depict the rest of the night.

4. Bachelorette

I sometimes wonder what it must be like for Nottingham locals on a Wednesday night, or any night after 10pm for that matter.

3. Spice girls

Even if the band can’t fully reunite, you can instead! See if your mates can pick a different spice on the night without any preplanning

2. Call on me

If you don’t hear this song played once all night, find me and I’ll buy you a VK

1. Back to school

I wish non school uniform days had been more like one big Ocean night, missed opportunities.

For the Guys

5. Robin Hood

Show off your Notts pride 

4. Prisoners

Who doesn’t like a bad boy?

3. Football shirts

Football at 5, Ocean at 6

2. Peaky Blinders

Don’t wear your best shirt, just don’t.

1. Spartans

I see making it through the entire Ocean bar crawl as a modern-day Spartan challenge

For Everyone

5. Hawaiian

If only they served cheap VKs on an actual holiday

4. Noahs Ark

And the animals came in two by two…

3. Pyjamas

Can you imagine a comfier night out? 

2.  Anything but clothes

Make use of the trash you were never going to take out anyway

1. Halloween/Christmas/Valentines

Always the best nights, make sure to secure tickets early for seasonal Oceans. 

And that’s a rap. If you’re confused about a bunch of lads wearing speedos every week – don’t be, it’s just rugby, let them do their thing. And of course, remember to keep yourself posted for Platform Oceans! 

Happy Ocean going everyone!

By Harvey Clitheroe

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