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10 Events You Need to Check Out During Freshers’ Week

With almost 30 events happening across Freshers Week here at NTU, it’s easy to miss a true gem! Luckily, we’ve picked ten that you absolutely need to check out.

  1. Trent army – Sunday 23rd September 9pm

As you get acclimated with Trent, you will definitely start to hear a regular Trent Army chant. This is the very event where that chant was born over a decade ago! Grab some camo and get ready for a wild night out, as you become a fully-fledged member.

  1. Bar safari – Wednesday 26th September 9pm

Like The Wild Thornberry’s but with tasty tasty drinks. Don the explorer hats and come travel through the wilderness that is the best bars in our city centre. This is one safari you do not want to miss!

  1. Freshers’ ball – Sunday 7th October 9pm

You can probably guess how big this party’s going to be from the name… Live music, DJs, special guests, casino tables and loads more await you at Freshers’Ball.

  1. UV rave – Friday 28th September 9pm

The rave movement was born in the 1980s, but it took until the 90s for a dash of UV to be added to the mix. Now, in 2018, the movement is BACK. With free glow sticks and an atmosphere like no other, come see why the UV rave is one of the biggest events in Freshers’ Week.

  1. Trentfest – Monday 24th September 10:30pm

All the hype of a giant festival without the need for wellies. With summer long gone by this point, this is your golden ticket to keeping those vibes alive.

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Not a fan of club nights? That’s cool – they’re not everyone’s cuppa tea! Luckily, the SU prepared for this…

  1. Freshers live – Saturday 29th September 6:30pm

NTU has an incredible history of live music, including a rare live performance from Nirvana way back in 1990. And now, three of the best up & coming indie bands will take the stage for our Freshers’ Live gig. Check out @NTSUents for the full announcement!

  1. Level up! Retro Video Game Party – Tuesday 25th September 7pm

This is a one-of-a-kind event, unlike anything seen at any SU across the country! Head back in time, pick up a controller and play old school Nintendo, Sega, PlayStation and many many more.

And with gamer themed cocktails, this is the perfect party to kick back and go back in time with some bonafide classics.

  1. Bingo – Wednesday 26th September 7pm

Now I know what you think… This isn’t some Bingo hall nonsense, sat in silence checking off numbers. Add Trent students into the mix, and this has become one of the most hilarious student nights in the calendar!

  1. Quiz – Sunday 30th September 7pm

Test that grey matter that got you into uni in the first place at the Super Mega Quiz. A weekly institution every Sunday – get yourself down to your local SU and meet your hilarious quizmasters for the entire year.

  1. The Comedy Box – Monday 24th September 7pm

With two of Britain’s best up-and-coming comedians on the bill – Gareth Richards and Carl Donnelly – you are set for one side-splitting night of stand-up comedy. They both killed it at the Edinburgh Fringe and now they’re bringing their talents to our SU.


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