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Live at Leeds: Review

Last weekend saw the UK festival season kick start with a bang and with record-breaking Early May Bank Holiday temperatures, Live at Leeds was definitely shining. The festival hosted hundreds of bands across an eclectic mix of packed out venues.

On a day so hot we needed a really good reason to stay indoors, it’s a good job Live at Leeds had a venue for everyone. Leeds boasts a whole bunch of cool venues including the 200 capacity ‘The Wardrobe’,  my personal favourite ‘Church’ (literally an unused church adapted into an awesome gig venue) and of course the magnificent O2 Academy.

The atmosphere at every gig was buzzing and it was near impossible to find anyone in the crowd not having the time of their lives.

With the organisation down to a tee, the weather better than we could have dreamed and a huge amount of musical talent, Live at Leeds really was showcasing the best UK metropolitan festivals has to offer.

Here’s who we saw:

The Magic Gang

The Magic Gang at Live at Leeds 2018
The Magic Gang
The Magic Gang at Live at Leeds 2018

Bringing a touch of magic to the O2 Academy (as well as their debut album) were Brighton lads, The Magic Gang. They proclaimed to an energic and very jam-packed crowd: “This is honestly our favourite festival to play.”

Their self-titled debut album reflected infectious hooks and 60s inspired guitar licks and the crowd loved every second of it.

With the ability to write timeless yet relevant songs alongside their charming personalities The Magic Gang has definitely begun to win over the hearts of the nation.

A must see- and if you haven’t already I suggest you catch them at Rock City on the 29th September.

Bad Sounds

Bad Sounds
Bad Sounds
Bad Sounds

Throwing a party at Leeds’ unique Church was Bad Sounds, with their alternative 70s groove sounds. The pure energy the five-piece has when performing is a talent itself, and the energy was mirrored in the crowd.

Lucky for us, Bad Sounds are next in Nottingham at Dot to Dot festival on the 27th May and they won’t be playing small venues for much longer.


Peace at Live at Leeds 2018

The Shrives

The Shrives at Live at Leeds 2018
The Shrives at Live at Leeds 2018

Nottinghamshire lads, The Shrives had their Live at Leeds debut performing on the Dr Martens Stage (and by stage I mean the back of a truck..) in the middle of one of Leeds’ busiest streets.

The Shrives managed to gather quite a crowd with their catchy indie rock anthems and unique dress sense (especially in 25+ degree temperatures!).

Their charisma when performing couldn’t be faulted- especially that of Josh Horsfall who joined the crowds during one of this guitar solos.  Watch out for these lads, they are going big places! Next in Nottingham at COW on the 19th May.

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By Lucy Beth Munday

Photography by @Lucybethphotography

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