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Live Review: JT Soar presents Vincent Vain

For anyone who hasn’t already been to a gig at JT Soar, I recommend getting over there for a BYOB boogie as soon as you can!

Like a gig in your best friends living room, the laid-back venue is a hidden gem of Nottingham in the heart of Sneinton. Walking in with bags of booze there is no divide between you and the acts who are set up quaintly in the corner of the room, because of such a sense of intimacy everyone in there immediately feels like one of your pals.

The first act on was the soft and charming sounds of singer Elliot Williams, a Nottingham and Northampton based song writer. He introduced himself with a beautiful cover of Joy Divisions ‘Love Will Tear Us Spart’ beginning with the classic rendition of Ian Curtis’ version but giving it a fun and upbeat spin in the middle of the song. If this wasn’t enough to demonstrate a sense of his own sound he then followed this with an original song titled ‘The Storm’ during which he paused to get the whole crowd involved. Teaching us the catchy one-liners of the song he assembled a choir of backup singers amongst the audience which not only allowed for a growth of love towards the song but loosened up the atmosphere of the crowd getting every single person singing along to his indie folk anthem.

With the crowd now incredibly warmed up it was time to welcome on alternative rap artist Luke Peter Foster on to the stage, who came with his very own saxophone player. The lively and dynamic stage presence of both boys meant that the audience had no time to get bored, swaggering around the stage and wandering out in to the crowd with his mic, Luke Peter Foster had everyone moving about, even managing to fool half the crowd in to thinking that they could rap. The symphonic sounds of the saxophone however were what really made this act stand out, his solos were mesmerising and brought a soft and romantic twist in to the rap songs that had everyone in the room swooning towards him. With his recently released EP ‘This Light of Hours’ out now, Luke Peter Foster is definitely an act to check out and will undoubtedly not remain a support act for much longer.

With the typical JT soar themed party kicking off we were all finally ready to receive the headline act of the night, Vincent Vain entered the stage welcomed by an accompany of cheers, screams and claps and were clearly prepared to finish the night with a bang. As an anonymous duo their textured and layered alternative rock music filled the room with electricity and created a transcendent buzz that rippled through the crowd. Their new tune ‘Cascade’ went down a treat and spurred on the makings of mosh pits and dancing. The band were incredible to watch as they threw their hearts and souls in to every tune. Ending their set on their song ‘paradise’ – which will be their next upcoming single – Vincent Vain gave the crowd a taster of all the new and exciting things to come.

You can stream music from Vincent Vain, Luke Peter Foster and Elliot Williams on Spotify.

By Stella Harwood

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