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Introducing your President election candidates

Candidates for the Nottingham Trent Student Union elections were announced today, with manifestos being released to all Trent students.

There are only two candidates running for the position of president of the Student Union, making it even harder to choose who to vote for. Campaigning doesn’t begin until voting opens, but here’s the rundown of who you can vote for to be your president in the upcoming academic year:

Bradley Fox

Bradley is the current NTSU president and is running to be re-elected for another academic year. His main plans should he be re-elected are:

  • To introduce frequent wellbeing sessions for students across all of the campuses to improve student mental health
  • Improve the offer and support for international students at both NTSU and NTU, so that all students are having the best experience
  • Continue to develop and implement the new strategic plan for NTSU that he has been working on throughout the current academic year
  • Work with NTU to make sure schools become less fragmented, meaning different courses will be able to work together for personal development
  • Work with NTU on their social mobility projects, to make positive differences in the community, for current and prospective students
  • Make further improvements to the Freshers Team and Freshers’ Week, to make sure everyone’s first week at NTU is memorable

Rachel Saunders

Rachel is the current Gender Officer at NTSU and is running to be president for the first time. Her main plans should she be elected are:

  • A weekly brunch for students at the student union
  • A pound a pint for soft drinks and coffee at the Student Union
  • Carry out a full student demographic review, then amplify student voice work to make sure students are more fully engaged with the students’ union
  • Review liberation work to empower clubs and societies
  • Foster collaborative engagement across all campuses, turning up the volume of Clifton, Confetti and Brackenhurst voices
  • Work closely with the Equality & Diversity Officers to deliver their visions
  • Enhance the student union social capital
  • Review NUS affiliation
  • Give NTU students’ their roar back

Voting opens for all NTSU roles on Friday 22 March at 5 pm.

By Katie Ansell

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