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What Next? Brexit Panel Comes to Trent

A sold-out discussion panel arrives at NTU, in the Newton building tomorrow evening. The panel and the audience will be asking ‘What Next?’, when the UK moves to divorce itself from the European Union, in something you might have heard of: Brexit.

Will March 29th be freedom from an undemocratic collective or a jump over a cliff into the dark abyss?

The panel will be filled out with political heavyweights such as Conservative former Lord Chancellor and Father of the House Ken Clark MP, former leader of the Green Party Natalie Bennet, Trent’s Labour MP Chris Leslie, Lib Dems’ spokesman for Brexit Tim Brake, Femi Oluwole a representative and campaigner for Our Choice Our Future (OCOF) and Eloise Todd CEO of Best for Britain.

The two campaign groups, Best for Britain and OCOF also align with the common theme of the panel of stopping Brexit. With both groups being set-up after the 2016 referendum.

The event’s doors will be open around 6:00pm with it starting around 7pm, running till 9 o’clock. Tickets are sold-out but you may be able to get in at the door, with it being free to attend.

Subject matter relating to Brexit that will be considered during the 2 hours is:


People’s Vote

Democratic Reform

No Deal

Respecting Leave

What the hell is going with Brexit? Should it be stopped? Is Brexit the most important issue of our time? Does this mean a re-alignment in British politics?

Well, this expert panel could soak up some of these questions and provide answers. So, get down!

More information about the event

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