“Rancid” bin contents spewed over the stairs of Gill Street South

A uni halls staircase was left covered in rotting rubbish after a resident dropped their bin.

The bin contents covered all 12 steps of the flight of stairs in L block of Gill Street South and included banana skins, tea bags and even a chicken carcass.

The incident occurred on January 19.

The student responsible, a resident named Billy, said that “the bin felt considerably heavy but I didn’t think to double-wrap it”, the bin then ripped spilling the contents down the flight.

Billy said that after the drop “me and my friends just stared at it for a good three minutes, I wanted to cry.”

Brandon Temple-Wood, 18, a resident of L block, gave his take on discovering the rubbish: “I looked up the stairs and was greeted by disgusting, rancid trash piled on every step.”

“I was seething to say the least”, the animation student from Shrewsbury said, “I would have reported it, had the guy from reception not already been there.”

The contents were removed after Facilities Officer, Jon Joe, requested that the student responsible clean up the stairs after being alerted of the mess by a complaint.

The 28-year-old, from Wollaton, said there was “quite a vinegary smell when I got there” and described the incident as “probably the worst I’ve ever seen.”

The contents of the bin bag have since been removed and the stairs cleaned.

By Alex Mace

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