Trent Students Outraged Over Loss of Power and Water in Halls

Nottingham Trent Students were left miserable without power or water in their accommodations for a day due to electrical issues.

The outage affected various flats within Byron and Gill Street South student accommodation on the morning of the 17th of November until it was resolved in the afternoon.

There has since been no official statement explaining why it occurred.

Gill Street South resident Thomas Botsford was one of the students to be affected: “I wasn’t able to have a shower or do any of my washing up”.

The 19-year-old from Axbridge claimed it even hindered his studies: “There was very little light in my room making it hard to do any reading”.

Thomas Botsford, 19, Axbridge

Alex Chinn, Psychology with Criminology student and resident of Byron, also faced issues without power: “I wasn’t able to go for my shower as I had to leave for the train station, for the entire journey I felt dirty and very self-conscious.”

Another Gill Street South resident, Alexis McManus, 19 from Coventry, was shocked at how modern accommodation faced such issues: “I’ve paid a load of money for this place and I don’t even have running water”.

The Law student described it as “annoyingly inconvenient”, claiming “all I wanted was a cup of tea but the kettle wasn’t working”.


Alexis McManus,19, Coventry

Since the issues were resolved that day, an official statement was given on behalf of NTU and the University Partnerships Programme (UPP) who own and maintain the halls of residence.

“There was a short power outage at the university on the morning of Saturday 17 November, which temporarily affected electrics and water in parts of the Byron and Gill Street South residences.”

“The problem was quickly resolved and working as normal by the afternoon.”

By Alex Mace

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