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Testing trophy and plate finals for NTU Netball

Last Wednesday saw heartbreak and victory in the final round of the University Trophy and Plate. Our first and fourth team powered through so many rounds of the Trophy and Plate to reach the final and semi-finals…

Fourth team: 

Trent’s first team played their ultimate rivals, University of Nottingham, and the fourth team played the University of Cambridge.

Trent’s Fourth team played at home where they faced Cambridge’s third team. The girls have had a smashing season and they didn’t disappoint in their last game of the plate.

The game started off positively with Trent taking the lead straight away. Jasmine Loveland’s shooting was great from the get go, along with some great work in defence.

There was good energy throughout the team as the girls were solely focused on becoming champions of the Plate.

The first half saw some excellent play from the girls in pink, with great forward and lateral passes, which has been their main focus in training.

At the end of the second quarter, the fours had a ten-point lead. However, sometimes gaining the lead is easier than keeping it.

The third quarter didn’t run so smoothly for Trent as Cambridge started to show their worth and put up a fight.

It was clear at this point both teams would be worthy winners of the game. By the end of the third quarter the score was more evenly matched and Trent only had a three-point lead.

Going into the fourth and final quarter the girls kept level handed and stayed focused. Both teams fought for every ball and great shooting by both sides made for a very tight final quarter.

The tension was high but after such a hard year of training and an undefeated season, Trent weren’t going to give up.

They managed to keep their fight going until the very end and it paid off. Trent won the game 47-42 to them and took home the Plate.

Jasmine Loveland, GS, deservedly won player of the match due to her great work in the attacking ‘D’ and accurate shooting.

Not only have the fourth team won the Plate but they’ve also secured their place at the top of the league and had an undefeated season.

 “I’m extremely proud of the girls for pushing through the whole game. It wasn’t an easy one and when Cambridge did catch up they didn’t drop their heads. I couldn’t be happier with the end result.” Captain of the team and GK, Hollie Lambert said;

First team:

Ones travelled to their rival’s home ground to play in a vital game against the University of Nottingham.

From the get-go UoN came out fighting. Their defence was very strong and kept tight on their players the whole time, not giving them any space to move.

It made for a hard game but Trent put up a fight. Due to an injury last week for Britt Coleman, GS and scholar, Emily Kavanagh made her debut for the first team as GA.

Emily and Zoe Matthews played great together as GS and GA however, it wasn’t enough and they girls soon found themselves 10 points down.

Sarah-Jane Needham, made some great interceptions in the second half for the game, leading to loads of turn overs and boosting moral. Things were looking up for Trent towards the end however, it wasn’t enough to equalise with the Greens.

The end score was a disappointing 43-30 to UoN.

It can’t be denied that the girls in pink have had an incredible season. They’ve fought hard in every match and have defeated almost every University that they have come across.

Player of the match went to the lovely Sarah-Jane Needham for her relentless work in defence as GK.

The game was also bitter sweet as third years Ella Saunders and Anna Lewis wore their pink dresses for the last time. After three years of dedication to the sport, the two girls are sad to be saying goodbye.

By Esther Roberts

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