Going online: Student tips for working from home

Whilst many universities are coming to a halt, it is inevitable that we are all worried about having access to our online resources and completing any work be it essays or exams. This is new to everyone, so you aren’t on your own, face to face teaching has paused for the majority.

  1. Keep in touch with the staff including your lecturers

This is important because as you are no longer able to see them about essay drafts or advice that does not mean you cannot communicate. Instead, keep in touch with them once a week or every other week, you should not miss out on your education because of this. Keep an eye on your student NOW for updates along with your emails and if you have any queries do not be afraid to email your lecturers. Be prepared for your teachers to get back to you a little longer than usual as they are under just as much stress if not more to make this work.

2. Keep engaging with online lectures and seminars

Just because you may have gone home or face to face lectures are over this does not mean that you need to switch off or use it as an excuse not to do any work. It is becoming apparent that the University are going to use Microsoft teams to allow students to engage so keep an eye out for it and download it, then login with your student account. Do your reading beforehand and make sure you get plenty of sleep to be ready to engage with your fellow peers and teachers.

3. Ensure you have access to tools

If you decide to go home, which I am sure many will, try to ensure you have access to a laptop or computer so that you can carry on with your work. It may be the case that you don’t have a desk, a dining table will work just fine and the worst-case scenario you can sit on the sofa with a laptop sitting on the cushion. Ask the University if you can borrow a laptop and make sure you have a pen and paper. Before going home or back to your accommodation, take out the books you think you will need in order to do your work. If you are completely struggling, message your tutor and speak to the library staff.

4. Take breaks

Even though you are not sat in the library all day, you should still take breaks throughout the day to ensure you don’t drive yourself crazy and give yourself a headache by staring at a screen all day. Watch some tv and relax or take a walk for some exercise, now is the time to take up something new within your home that you’ve always wanted to try like Yoga or meditation. These are great for the mind especially during these hard times, some apps include Calm or MindU, you can also go onto YouTube and search other things. Build a study plan to make sure you are still in a routine and can get your work finished by your deadline whilst ensuring you have taken breaks.

By Abi Trunk

Feature Image courtesy of Unsplash

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