Hope by Zach Omitowoju

This poem is dedicated to all the students going through exams at the moment as well as all the first-year students still trying to find their feet and claim their space with thorough thought.

Start off by taking a deep breath

and breathe.


and wander through life with a cautious ease.

You have come this far,

You have worked so hard,

Do not let negativity take that apart.

Exams are not the beginning or the end;

at the end of the day

you are more than a student,

so stop catering to this trend.

If you are a first year, take your time;

there is a lot of that.

Be yourself

and do not try to impress anyone, especially right off the bat.

If you are coming from a foreign land,

that should not stop you from lending a helping hand.

Things will fall into place.

It will all happen full circle; at a steady pace.

This poem has come to an end,

use it to help you stay afloat.

You will make it through all of it with just a little bit of


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