You’ll See

Do you know what I fear?

I fear the known.

My thoughts fly through my mind,

Trapped in an eternal storm.

My fears flow like a waterfall,

Crashing to the rocks of my anxieties below,

This does little to appease,

The water level only rising.

Things are getting worse,

My mind is filling up.

How long can I take this?

How long will I last?

Air inside of me is failing,

My thoughts too focused on what has been.

I overthink, overworry and overcare,

How does it all slow down?

Then it comes,

Slowly and then all at once.

The air, the light, the space,

The inexplicable calm.

My thoughts flow freely,

My breath evens.

I sigh, I did it again,

How careless I was.

As the final tear falls I wonder,

Why am I this way?

How can I stop this from happening again?

Will I always be this way?

No, I sigh.

This is normal,

This is usual,

This is human.

I breathe for am I alive.

My thoughts are free to flow.

They fill me up,

And I let them go.

Hold your friend,

She’s struggling too.

Hold yourself,

It’ll be alright in the end.

You’re not the problem as you were led to believe,

You’re doing your best,

Let me try and help you,

I’ll guide you through this mess.

Let your mind roam free,

Live your life as it were meant to be.

Don’t force your smile,

Don’t contort, and stay a while.

I’ll help you through this,

It’ll be okay.

You’re the one you really miss,

She’ll be back one day.

You’ll see.

You’ll See

By Faith Pring

Image Credit: Pixabay

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