Among Us: The mobile game taking over the world

Among Us is the new video game taking over our lives and making us question who is telling the truth and who is the liar…

Set the scene. You are stuck on a space craft with several other crew members. As a team, you must carry out separate tasks – however right under your noses is one of your crew mates trying to sabotage your mission, as well as killing your fellow crew mates.

Despite being developed back in 2018, Among Us has taken the universe by storm and has become one of the most popular games of the year. But why has it? Well, for most of us, this year – due to obvious reasons – we have been cut off from some of the world due to isolating. As Among Us is a multiplayer game, it allows us to play not only against random people around the world, but our friends and family!

The more communicative parts of the game are when either a teammate discovers a body or wants to call an emergency meeting. Then, in this emergency meeting, as a team you discuss and elaborate on who you think is the murderer/imposter (major flashbacks to CBBC’s Trapped!).

The more you start to play the game, you will notice the more paranoid you start to become as the game progresses…

This is why the premise of this game is likely to cause some frustration – whether that’s because you wrongly identify the imposter, or you are wrongly accused. However, in a way it’s a fun new way to bring us together over a brand-new gaming platform – and distract us from the mess the world is in at the moment.

From my own experience of playing it, I can guarantee you will enjoy endless hours of fun – not over exaggerating on the endless hours of playing… Among Us is one of those games (although of a different genre) like The Sims, where you start playing and four hours later you are still as consumed in the screen as you were back when you started.

In the current situation we are in – although we don’t encourage you to be focused on a screen for hours on end – Among Us provides a new type of escapism for us as we are able to do something with our friends (and family of course) that makes the time go by a little bit quicker and not feel as if it is wasted just sitting there doing nothing.

Ultimately, Among Us couldn’t have come at a better time as it sets out to be some more tough times ahead of us. It’s the perfect game to provide us with endless hours of fine to distract us from what is going on at the moment…

By Katie Green

Feature image: Attack of the Fanboy

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