Film Review: Holidate

Winter is officially here, which means that it will soon be Christmas! A time for hope, love and family. The time of year that gives you a warm fuzzy feeling and provides happiness, and this film provides all of these things.

Fed up of being asked why she is single every holiday, Sloane decides that she needs a “holidate” – a concept created by her aunt. This is a slight twist on the traditional romantic comedy feature of a couple being each other’s date to an event, – whether it be a wedding or a family celebration – as this film focuses upon a couple being each other’s date to every single family event, even smaller celebrations such as St Patrick’s day, which are not about the value and appreciation of family, , rather just a chance to drink and have some fun!

The term “holidate” has been coined as a couple having a platonic relationship, taking each other to family celebrations. Sloane’s “holidate” comes in the form of Jackson, a guy she met at the shops whilst returning a Christmas present.

Holidate is a film that provides many laughs as Sloane and Jackson try to navigate their increasingly complicated relationship as “holidates”, as they defy one of the rules of “holidates” by sleeping together – whilst still trying to deny the feelings they clearly have for each other.

The film is rather predictable at times, following the classic storyline of a man and a woman who like each other but cannot admit it to each other until the end of the film – shown through a big romantic gesture that would sweep any hopeless romantic off their feet.

This film is a must watch for any romantic who needs that holiday feeling.

By Ellie Moylan

Feature image: Netflix

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